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  1. I can't help but mention Tarkovsky in this context, because it was after watching several of his films that I developed a keen interest in cinema. His first film, which I accidentally happened to see about a year ago, was “Stalker”. It is difficult to explain in a nutshell what this picture is about, but it really makes you think about many things and, especially, about yourself: to reconsider your personal principles and prejudices, to analyze your moral guidelines.

    In addition, for some reason, I remember Lanthimos ' “Lobster”. A very strange and at first glance not entirely clear film that hangs in my “Need to review” list. It shows modern society and its tendencies, which are very little talked about, which sometimes seem completely invisible and do not lie on the surface, but are hidden very deep in the complex system of society.

  2. “Mr. Nobody” – a thing for all time
    “Happy cases” – will give strength in any situation on the personal front
    “Invention of lies” for nerds who have begun to doubt their strategy and will show the way
    “Revolver” for sports and specific tasks.

    I love all these tapes endlessly and regularly review them

    1. The butterfly effect
    2. Melancholy (very heavy, very few people can watch it until the end)
    3. Another land.

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  3. “Requiem for a dream” – made me seriously think about the dangers of drugs.
    'Frida' – showed me the real strength of a person with poor health.

    1. Tarkovsky's “Mirror”. I consider it the best film of Andrey Arsenyevich. To be honest, it's hard for me to put into words what I feel when I watch it, but the film touches my soul so deeply… I've watched it many times and the effect is still the same.
    2. “La Dolce Vita” by Fellini. About media, entertainment, the crowd, and the role of the individual in all of this …
    3. “Face to face” by Bergman. It's hard to say why I love the movie so much. I think I recognize myself in Liv Ullman's character. It's a bittersweet experience…
    4. “Apocalypse Now”. My favorite movie about the war. The right way to look at completely wrong things.
    5. “The Secret Life of words” by Koishet. About pain, love, and pain again. Amazing movie.

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