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  1. Lack of understanding of the differences between knowledge and opinion, as well as loss of criticality and congruence. And already almost everywhere and at all, not only on the Internet,but also in many professional communities.

  2. Humanity is not just an underappreciated problem, but also an almost invisible one. Many people talk about the problems of pollution, poverty, wasteful use of resources or discuss a new round of lack of spirituality and moral decline, but no one thinks about the origins of the existing problems.

    And these origins lie not in the economy, not in culture, and not in terrible computer games. Suddenly, the source of all our troubles lies in ourselves, in those behavioral strategies that are immanently inherent in humans as a biological being. And, even the best features that we see in ourselves have a negative side and, often, go sideways to us. Altruism, which we value so much, turns into xenophobia, and the best friend of friends, at the same time, the worst enemy of enemies. Our compassion is completely irrational and, as a result, we do not care about those who really need care and push away those who need us most. Our love of novelty and consumption has created a monstrous system of senseless exploitation of finite resources, the waste of which poisons our world, but instead of rational steps to change the system and real actions to save the planet, we make films about how sad everything is, spending even more money and resources to service our caring.

    Good turns into evil, and the only way out for humanity is to recognize its problematic nature and make corrections to its nature

  3. – Degradation of the individual through the media.

    -Frustration on the background of the inability to draw their own conclusions (make up their own opinion) as a result of conflicting data obtained from different sources on the same issue.

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