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  1. Name. In some ways it became better, in some-worse. From positive changes: I stopped getting serious physical injuries (and this happened to me from the very birth). From the negative: I became a rather callous person (kindness and sincerity disappeared). Something like that.

  2. A lot of things. To do this, I had to fall in love, lose her, and be completely disillusioned with myself. Then I realized that this could not continue.

    1. Place of residence. I moved from my native provincial city to the capital. No, not to study or work – just create more difficult conditions for yourself. It turned out to be a lot of interesting stories. He got into scrapes and fights, sometimes starving, sometimes spending the night on the street. I became more independent and wiser. I stopped expecting anything from people.�

    2. Social circle. It follows from the first point. It turned out that not communicating with anyone is much more useful than communicating with those who pull you down.�

    3. Power mode. I've stopped eating meat, and I avoid sugar and flour. I keep a food diary – I keep my daily calorie intake within 1500. I lost 16 kilograms in 4 months. You could have done more, but it's still not bad.�

    4. Attitude to substances. Stopped using alcohol, sedatives, and even occasionally smoking [Roskomnadzor]. With caffeine and nicotine, too, repeatedly tried to part, but so far failed. Without a backup path, it became easier to understand yourself – it was no longer possible to run away from problems.

    5. Seriously engaged in sports. It helped you lose weight, gave you a lot of endorphins, developed the ability to plan and even a little willpower. Of the minuses: I don't know the sense of proportion, in a couple of cases I almost killed myself.�

    6. I stopped listening to those who convince me of future failure. If they are wrong, then all their words will be worthless. And if you're right, there's no excuse for me.�

    7. Approach to work. I started learning how to find partners and customers. I'm officially registered, and I pay taxes. Increased the average cost of work by 2-2. 5 times. I spend the rest of my time learning new skills.

    8. Free time. I limited my time at the computer and started meditating for 1-2 hours a day. It helps to cope with stress and generally improves the quality of life. �

    9. I started reading less. Information overload made it difficult to think critically and think logically. In my opinion, the break from reading news and books was clearly good for me.

    10. I realized that I wasn't hopeless. A corollary of all the points above. �

    From what I wanted to change, but haven't been able to yet:

    1. Start saving money. There are still relatively many spenders (Parkinson's Law), and the creation of a comfortable financial cushion is still far away.

    2. Quit smoking and drinking coffee. It harms your health and well-being, prevents you from playing sports – all these shortcomings.�

    3. Sleep mode. I can still sit up until dawn without doing anything useful. Then I reproach myself for it.�

    4. Reduce the number of items. There are too many of them and I simply don't need many of them.�

    5. Stop being afraid of your own failures. Too much time and nerves are wasted, but it's no use.�

    6. Start traveling. It follows from the item “start postponing”. Moving from one rental home to another doesn't count.

    7. Learn a foreign language seriously. At least one. I suffer from it myself, but I can't do it. I understand that the excuse of “not enough time” doesn't work, but I can't yet boast of any success in this field.�

    Bottom line: nothing grandiose, but there are still more pluses. There is a feeling that this is just the beginning and will continue to be more fun.

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