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  1. A thoughtful approach to the birth of offspring, contraception, sexual literacy of the population, an adequate demographic policy that would take into account various factors, and not just the number for a tick.
    �But as Vasya correctly noted, this is only possible in a developed country.

  2. It seems to me that in Utopia (such a series) they brought this topic very well.

    And so, maybe we should wait for human nature to do its job (some local conflicts, but not nuclear war), new diseases, epidemics, famine.
    Improving the quality of life could help (then people live longer and the birth rate decreases), plus teaching sexual literacy and supporting the idea that children are a deliberate step. Encourage self-realization and fulfillment of dreams.
    Yes, and that slightly radical idea of sterilizing a certain part of the population sounded very logical (within the framework of the aforementioned series).

  3. It is quite humane to offer people everything they want in exchange for” making ” children. That is, you can demand what you need from some intantion, and this way you give up children. The issue will be raised 1 time.

  4. Sometimes (come on, often), I agree that the virusInferno is necessary for the world. Despite the immorality of the idea in the eyes of the type of humanists (although it is strange to call humanists people who doom billions to death by their inaction), the problem of global population growth is real, the function of growth is rapidly growing, and many people know what this will lead to.

    “Mass murder to save lives is the logic of tyrants!

    Therefore, the most logical thing would be to slow down reproduction, to deprive people of the opportunity to have children at the biological level (or to have too many of them). To make it possible to cure this virus, but it is logical that technologies will be available to the well-off (due to the fact that they at least indirectly develop medicine), and thus it will affect the quality of the next generation.�

    Otherwise, no common barriers for the entire planet can be made. People will breed, they will stipulate their actions by culture and religion, in fact, I have repeatedly heard how religious people are sure that the gods will help us with overpopulation (but for some, the Day of Judgment is the ascension, and for some, the fall of civilization into oblivion).

  5. Promotion of conscious childbearing . Maybe the introduction of free parenting courses with passing an exam, a successful assessment on which entitles you to some benefits or a certificate of maternity capital .

    Increase in the number of women's and children's aid centers. Places where any woman, regardless of her financial situation or age, can seek help. �

    Anonymous abortion clinics with patronage funding, where there will be no heresy like talking to priests and moralizing conversations.

    And in general: in countries with a high level of comfort, people don't really want to reproduce . Conclusion: increase your comfort level

  6. Reducing population growth can be regulated by higher education among women.
    The more women who complete higher education, the smaller the population grows.
    By the way, this information does not say a word about whether such women need to work in their specialty.
    Therefore, a humane way to combat overpopulation is to pay for secondary and higher education for girls around the world.
    Well, or at least average for a start.

    The standard of living of citizens does not directly affect population growth.

  7. The fact is that in developed countries, the population is already declining. This is due to their uselessness. Previously, having 10 children was a miracle, because children were the key to a comfortable existence. More workers on farms and factories, hence more money in the family, but with the advent of urbanization, the development of medicine, and the ban on child labor, they have become not a miracle, but an economic catastrophe for the family, or even a single father or mother. Now children need to go to all sorts of schools and universities, they need to buy toys, clothes, etc. But all this applies only to developed post-industrial countries. Population growth in the 21st century will mainly be in African countries, and this is very difficult. The fact is that this region is not developing in any way, so the entire world community will have to solve this problem together. You just need to bring all the benefits of civilization to Africa. Unemployment and banditry flourish there. Let the club of the richest countries first overthrow all African dictators, establish a normal regime, and then engage in educational activities. I liked how Singapore solved this problem. Every woman from the poor stratum of the population who does not have a higher education has the opportunity for a fairly large amount of money to make a voluntary sterilization of the uterus. No one forces anyone to do anything, ideally.

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