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  1. Nothing, relax and enjoy the soothing flames of the hellfire.

    Although there is still a problem. The fact is that hell is designed to torment you. If everyone understands that hell is heaven for you, they will most likely redirect you to a real paradise, which will be quite boring. Allowing this will force you to pretend and pretend that you are actually in pain.

    But if you believe in such a concept, then g-d, by definition, knows how to torment you if you have sinned.

  2. In no case do not admit to the devil in their addictions. Although, most likely, he knows everything and just lulls your vigilance so that you think that you are lucky and enjoy the torment. In a couple of centuries, he'll put you in a room with seals, pink curtains, and a caring, ugly little girl who's afraid to pinch you. And he'll show you your old torment on TV, laughing triumphantly behind your back. That's how you'll spend eternity.

  3. Rejoice, what to do then?) or do you mean, what's the devil going to do with you, since he can't torture you?) If I were him, I'd send you to heaven or some other room where you can't please yourself in the usual way.. Heh heh..;)

  4. we need to find Sadam Hussein, Satan and arrange a hell of an ass fuck with fire, whips and other sadomasie. I love South Park, too.

  5. And imagine how boring it is to have infinity fried in a frying pan.

    And you have nothing but this frying pan. And even the devils don't come to you. And so it always is. Enjoy.

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