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  1. I think that in the post-Soviet society ,the” gray mass “remains due to the inertia of the “equalization” of the times of the USSR. I would single out the following main features:” traditional values “(from the cycle” get married and be fruitful as soon as possible”), ultraconservative views, hostility to everything new (including scientific progress), nationalism, and xenophobia. And the main thing, probably, is the lack of trust in social institutions (“everyone will decide without us”, ” who are we?”,” the authorities know better”, etc.). So the result is an aggressively passive majority that is loyal to any government and does not want to go beyond its comfort zone, limited by the insane coordinates of the signs described above.

  2. Even though it's been a long time, but oh well. My answer will be exclusively imho, so get ready. Despite the fact that many people treat this phrase with contempt, I personally do not see anything wrong with it. What does this phrase mean from my point of view? A gray mass is a mass that is the majority of the population of a country (I can't answer for the entire population of the planet for the reason that each nation and country has its own culture and traditions) and each member has common characteristics and a minimum number of other characteristics that could make a person more individual.
    Of course, it is clear why people (especially teenagers) do not want to identify themselves as a member of the gray mass, mainly because of the instinct of dominance (call it what you will), which promotes competition for each individual individual, and is naturally created so that the individual survives and has the best conditions.
    Is it bad to be a member of the gray mass? I think not. I myself am a member of the gray mass, I do not see anything terrible in this. If you think that being a member of the gray mass is bad, then give an argument for this, at least not to me, but to yourself. This makes it possible to better understand any issue.

  3. First of all,I want to say that the gray mass is a group of people who live “like everyone else”.That is, they were given “rules by which to live, everything is built, everything is done and they live.Doesn't it resemble human society?)But if someone, for any various reasons, gets out of this “herd”,he automatically becomes an outcast.And for me, it's better to be an outcast, and different from everyone else, than to live in a collective mind and not use your brain at all)

    You asked a pretty good question,I often think about it myself, and I came to the opinion that these are just pathetic people who have not achieved anything,and it is better to look up to geniuses and be smart than to live with them in the same society.

  4. In general, I think this expression is quite subjective, but I will still try to highlight a few main features of the psychotype of such a person in order to put together a general image:

    – Stereotyped and limited thinking. That is, such a person almost always thinks only in stereotypes, not wanting to go into details. Adheres to templates and established norms.

    – Not the ability to not only rebel against the majority, but even to think differently from what the majority thinks. Or else-herd instinct. Such a person often does not even subconsciously think that the majority opinion may be wrong. Where there is a majority, there is truth, but it cannot be otherwise — and this is the main criterion for him.

    – Conservatism or maximalism on the contrary. That is, the thinking of such a person rushes exclusively from extreme to extreme. Such a person does not know how to distinguish shades, think about it, consider details and trifles, because for him the whole world is exclusively black and white.

    – Blind and thoughtless belief in something. Again, such a person simply adheres to some ideology imposed on him no matter what. No argumentation, just blind faith in something and rejection of any other position. Inability to view the situation from different angles, one-sidedness in thinking.

    – Distrust of everything new. Such a person is often afraid of any changes and does not accept almost anything new. Accordingly, lack of initiative may also result from this.

    These are, in fact, the main features of the so-called “gray mass”. It is also worth noting that often maximalist teenagers who play rebels like to call everyone in a row” gray mass”, whose position simply does not coincide with their views, and this in fact is nothing more than limited and flat thinking. So, in order not to be this very mass, you should strive for objectivity and be able to look at things from different angles, not rely on the majority and have your own independent vision, as well as the courage to express it.

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