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  1. This is a moral ugliness! It is not treated, this is how everyone brings up their children by example along the chain. What the school teaches now, det. the garden? Do children take after their parents from birth.

  2. In the minds and thoughts of such people, garbage, so they subconsciously (unconsciously) bring the space around them in accordance with themselves, so they are more comfortable.

  3. Probably, they think something like “the cleaner will still wash the entrance, why is it difficult for her to take one package more to the container?!” and “I pay the communal apartment, after all, and they pay her salary, let her work it out.” Such people usually squeeze out every drop of profit and even more than they should from everything that requires at least minimal investment from them. Rednecks with God's syndrome.

  4. Nothing's happening. Because these people do not think ahead, they do not think about others, they do not think about the common good and “spit into the well from which they draw water.” This is a redneck that subconsciously “marks the territory”. So they don't even think about it, just mark it and that's it. Which is very sad, because everyone around you is suffering.

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