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  1. Humanity is important. But what is the most important thing for humanity? “That's an eternity, of course.

    But to find it, you must have your consciousness attuned to the Consciousness of God. It was in harmony, in resonance with God. This is what religion does. Therefore, religiosity is more important.

  2. This is a difficult question.

    Because humanity can also be understood as something that coincides with the precepts of the religion of your ancestors.

    And you can also understand what is contrary to the religious morality of your ancestors.

    And the conflict always occurs in this area of disjoint circles.

    And the fact is that religious morality has been formed for thousands of years and polished by the best sages of our world, And has approximately the same interpretation that Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, and Jews have. And almost 99% of humanity in all these religions is the same.

    And modern “humanity” is completely different not only for the French and Americans, but also very different for residents of the state of Montana and residents of the city of New York.

    Just as the humanity of feminists and the humanity of homosexuals differs , so does the difference in religiosity between different sects.

  3. This is a false categorization and a false dilemma, in my opinion. By choosing humanity, a person loses the opportunity to choose religiosity and vice versa. Religiosity may well presuppose compassion and empathy, what we call humanity, if this is not the case in a particular religiosity, then there may be forces associated with the internal psychological dynamics of a person, and in this case religiosity manifests itself as the otherness of the disease. Religions open the doors to Paradise, the Kingdom of Heaven, Sukhavati only after an earthly test, including a test of humanity.

  4. Humanity and religiosity do not exclude each other and are not alternatives or substitutes for each other.

    Religiosity can be very different. Some Indians with human sacrifices are religious.�

    But also the Holy Cross Community of Sisters of Mercy which provided Pirogov's brilliant ideas

    Russian surgeon and anatomist, naturalist and teacher, creator of the first atlas of topographic anatomy, founder of Russian military field surgery, founder of the Russian school of anesthesia.

    (the systematic organization of medical care – reception, sorting of the wounded, care after surgery as a system) – is also religious. Pirogov chose them, trained them, and worked with them:


    More important is love and strength for its realization.

    Without love, humanity and religiosity inevitably lead to perversions.

    Yes, humanity without love also begins to care not about people, but about some abstract concepts, about classes, about groups, and so on.

  5. Humanity. Religious people live by the commandments for the sole purpose of not angering God. And this is hypocritical. Pseudo-religious people are generally finished characters.

    And humanity does not require an account to God or anyone else. Just a person wants to help and he helps. He wants to support you, and he supports you. He wants to donate and he donates. Not to please someone or something, but because he is a human being.

  6. Of course, humanity. Almost all criminal offenders are religious people. I think we can stop there. Religion is a good excuse, and an imaginary substitute for humanity.

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