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  1. well, as far as I understand, we are talking about who the author writes to) Adherents of this school rightly claim that there are no works written “for the village grandfather”. This means that the sender (writer) writes to a specific grandfather, Vanya (implicit reader), asks at the beginning of the letter whether the grandmother is healthy, whether the pig has defoliated at the neighbors, sends greetings to Nyura, citing circumstances familiar to the addressee ( appeal), asks to send forty-five rubles (impact potential). In other words, this approach focuses on the author's relationship with his potential reader and the influence that he wants to exert on him. This is most simply and clearly expressed in Pushkin's Eugene Onegin. when he writes:

    You will agree, my reader,

    Which is very nice.

    With sad Tanya our friend;

    Or even

    Wearing a wide bolivar,

    Onegin goes to the boulevard

    And there walks in the open,

    While napping breget

    Won't ring his lunch bell.

    He means people who are at least aware of what a bolivar is) further deeper-who understand the subtleties of their relationship with Tatiana. Or even deeper-the author's irony. the topic is interesting, you can continue indefinitely)

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