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  1. A religion that is not spoiled by business and politics makes it possible to get closer to God and enjoy His mercy and mercy! The right religion is exclusively monotheism!

  2. The essence of the Abrahamic religions is this. The Bible, the Koran, or the Torah teaches us through allegory to distinguish good from evil, regardless of what traditions and religions we adhere to, regardless of the social system. Accordingly, we learn to build our lives correctly in the here and now, recognizing everything that is” from above ” as satanic and deceitful. And” from above ” is always the power, rich and strong. If we eliminate them, everyone will be happy. Another way is when a person withdraws from this evil to a hermitage, or to the taiga, to Valaam. The only problem is that people misunderstood the Old Testament (or Torah) directly from the text (without figurative interpretation), and accordingly religion became absolutely useless for a person. Unless the placebo effect remained. If you want to learn more, find my articles in social networks under the hashtag #allegory.

  3. Religion has many socio-philosophical functions that it successfully copes with,and it is also worth considering the importance of religion in different countries.The most obvious example is Islam, in which life and law are regulated by Sharia, which in turn is based on the Koran.

  4. Religion and faith are different things. Religion is most often a business, imho.

    By the way, here is an example of an interesting new religion: the Church of the Higher Mind (Suratsianism): http://www.suratio.ru

    Quite an interesting phenomenon and suggested truths imho.

  5. The only original purpose of religion is to manipulate weak and ignorant people in order to program their behavior (to make it the most predictable and least harmful for “programmers”).

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