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  1. This is home. Mysterious and mysterious, sleeping and immersed in the cosmic cold, but still warmed by the warmth of the people living in it. Russia does not accept pettiness in its size, only large-scale dreams are consonant with it. Happiness is a gift to all, and let no one leave offended-maybe this is just our Russian dream.

  2. For me, it's just a piece of land where I was born. The atmosphere itself is cool, there is some kind of aesthetic, zest, but in reality it is as if or so it is, a doomed country to suffer, forever in the history of some kind of ass. The country is associated with gray colors, eternal Soviet houses and buildings from which you want to jump off and die, but this is the atmosphere, the atmosphere of sadness, sadness and suffering, but in a sad state you think well, you put everything on the shelves in your head. For me, this is a place where a lot of very cool and interesting people have appeared, who in many ways embody our rush, almost every one of them is like a walking picture of Russia(in terms of consciousness).

  3. For me, this is a place where people who speak my language live, plus or minus the same cultural base. Russia is a place where I can drive a thousand kilometers. And then two more. And three more. And more. And no one will ask me what my destination is. Russia for me is an immense treasure box. I haven't even covered half of my area yet. And it takes my breath away when I imagine how many things I have never seen before, how many stories, sensations, and views. For me, Russia is the place where my grandfathers, great-grandfathers, great-great-grandfathers died. They're all here somewhere, in this earth. For most people, this, I think, is an empty phrase. But I feel a certain strength in this fact. Russia is where I am local, where I belong, where I am at home. I'm in my place here from end to end.

  4. Principality of Finland, Principality of Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turemenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Russian Federation.�

    The Russian Federation is not Russia, it is ANTI-Russia.

  5. A single mother who has no idea what to do with her children or what's going on. It does not solve problems,but learns to live with them,and if it tries to solve them, it only makes it worse.

  6. Hm. This is a twofold question that can be answered with or without a polytote. Let's choose my personal opinion:

    For me, if I live the way I want, I forget about some rules, public opinion and tips on living from the state:

    Russia is a great country with lots of opportunities, places and places, good and interesting people, full of adventures and giving you a great life.


    If I live by the principle of “A law-abiding citizen who works all his life, lives according to generally accepted norms and moves exclusively along the drawn lines of public transport”, Russia – well, that's it. I don't like.

    Yes, I know that there are other countries where everything is different, but I was born here, I also live here, and the question is also about my native country.

  7. For me, Russia is the Russians who left their mark on the fate of all mankind. This is an incredible culture, whose influence on European civilization cannot be overestimated.

    There are not so many peoples in the world who have given the world as much as the Russians did. Before the revolution, the level of Russian soft power was simply incredible. Choose any field and there will always be Russians in the top 10. Science? Tsialkovsky, Mendeleev, Popov, Zvorykin, Sikorsky, Korolev. Literature? Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov. Music? Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Glinka, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov.�

    It takes my breath away just to think about what Russia would have been like in the 20th century if the revolution hadn't happened.�

    Of course, for me, Russia is not only great ancestors, but even simple contemporaries. Ordinary people who ride with me every day on the subway, who do absolutely simple things and will not be remembered by history. I sincerely love Russia and Russians, so I don't even imagine myself as someone else, in any other country.

  8. Speaking of Russia, my sense of the country is largely due to my hometown. The territory doesn't feel right to me, well, yes, it's big, it's true, so what? But nothing, I'm not impressed. Interesting population. Gray, gloomy, simple, dissatisfied people whose lives are filled with everyday problems. Old five-story buildings, crumbling roads, dampness, overcast skies and a sense of hopelessness. It's very atmospheric. Nothing has ever struck me so strongly as the atmosphere of my city and the people who live in it. I really like it all. In such conditions, it is very good to think.

  9. For me, Russia is first of all, no matter how strange it may sound…Earth.These fields, rivers, forests, big cities, small ones, a mixture of true Russian and modernity…All this is Russia.Our rich centuries-old history, which is very interesting to study, read books about it,look at paintings that reflect our native land,only Shishkin is worth something, an amazing artist, thank him very much for displaying all the beauty of the world around us,our unique Russia…And how not to remember about our beloved people, who suffered and experienced so much…Someone will say that we have terrible people living here,and they will be right,but only partially, because you can meet truly brilliant and amazing people here!)Pushkin, Dostoevsky,Chekhov-this is the face of Russia,their works are still read.Thus, for me, Russia is our most beautiful nature, outstanding personalities, and architecture that is not found anywhere else in the world…Thanks for attention…

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