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  1. Spiritual development is the creation by a person of internal and external conditions for the manifestation of the highest spiritual essence contained in each person. And spirituality can be briefly defined as a worldview based on the purity of thoughts and the height of aspirations.

  2. This is for those who believe in the soul and all sorts of mystical things.
    “Spiritual development” usually implies the development of sensuality, morality, empathy, will; suppression of certain emotions in oneself and cultivation of others. It can also include the study and knowledge of so-called sacred texts or works on them.

    “Spiritual development” is often referred to in the sense of developing anything other than intelligence.

  3. Here you need to define the terms. Let me quote a fragment of a recently published interview with the writer and scientist Evgeny Vodolazkin, where he gives a good definition: — – In Soviet times, the meaning of the words “spiritual” and” spirituality ” was different than before the revolution, it did not necessarily imply religious content. Spirituality was understood as moral perfection, decency, striving for higher, non-utilitarian values and meanings.” Such a definition of spirituality, by the way, does not contradict the religious understanding, it's just that believers mean something different by higher values and meanings than non-believers.

    And if we understand spirituality in this way, then spiritual development is working on yourself, overcoming everything that prevents you from striving for the highest values, from being decent, honest, and sympathetic. And the methods of such self-improvement, of course, may differ between believers and non-believers. And even in different religions, these methods coincide only partially.

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