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  1. The whole of quantum mechanics in general and the observer's paradox in particular.

    In general, it seems to me that Einstein was right when he said that “God does not play dice”, and all quantum processes are strictly deterministic, but whether this is true or not, we will not be able to find out very soon, if ever we can find out.

  2. Personification of the absolute is what interests me. If we speak within the framework of the Christian tradition, then how is it, how the fuck did God become human? It is very difficult for me to imagine this. It is the entire universe that is focused in one mortal human body. I understand how a person can reach the divine level. But the reverse is strange to me. It is all the more strange that in this way the absolute becomes a person. The absolute. Personality.�

    This is a long-standing dispute that took place mainly in the east. Dispute between peronalists and impersonalists. Does God, who created the universe, have a personality, or is he an impersonal absolute? There is something to break your head about. Hindus revere Rama and Krishna for the incarnation on earth of the god Vishnu, who is considered by Vaishnavas to be the supreme creator god (if I understand correctly). On the other hand, in the same Hinduism there is Advaita-the doctrine of non-duality. If it is rough and simple, then it says that everything in the universe is one. You are one with what you perceive and the process of perception itself, and together you are one. And there is no place for peronalism. Everything simply has a single source, and this source is impersonal, and any person is a temporary illusion. And here I don't see why the one source should manifest itself in the form of a person. Although it seems that Christians have something to say about this.

    In general, this is the problem that now occupies me.

    With the feminists, I think I've already decided everything for myself))

  3. The riddle of the universe,its laws, from a material point of view.Everything is banal,but for me it is always relevant.

    The riddle of man.Here a person knows his goal,and what needs to be done for this (he has everything for this), but somehow everything lives through one place.When the time comes and humanity begins to value the good in everything, and not destruction/self-destruction.And finally, when money and power lose their value.

  4. For me,there is no greater mystery than the gaps in history, questions that are not yet answered. Who killed JFK?Kennedy? What happened at the Dyatlov Pass? Did Atlantis exist? Who was the Zodiac serial killer really? What is the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon? And many more questions.

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