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  1. From the point of view of which of the many religions common in the world do you need an answer?

    In general, most wise people give the same answer to such questions – not to look for answers to fictional theoretical questions, but to solve the problems that you are actually facing.

    The trolley problem is interesting for studying people, interesting for a kind of entertainment of the mind, but in real life everything is more complicated and easier than with trolleys.

    If a problem occurs to you suddenly, then most likely you don't know all the special conditions of the problem that make it a “trolley problem”. When life throws a challenge, people do not think, but throw such a trolley off the rails, and then it remains to be wondered how a person could do it.

    If the problem does not occur suddenly, then it is most likely professional. In this case, such questions are spelled out in the instructions and they try not to allow such conditions.

    How do the special services, which are subject to such conditions by terrorists, act? How do the same drivers act, for example, when choosing between emergency braking with victims on the train or braking if possible and the risk of crushing a car with a driver stuck on the tracks?

    Such cases are common in war, but this is war.

    In Christianity, a warrior who kills not of his own free will and kills an enemy, but not an innocent one, is still recognized as requiring treatment of the soul for the sin of murder.

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