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  1. The main difference between Sunnis and Shiites is in the election of the ruler. Sunnis believe that the people themselves are free to choose the caliph, and Shiites believe that this is the prerogative of Allah and He chose Ali as the successor of the Prophet and further descendants of Ali. Sunnis believe that the inheritors of the Prophet's knowledge are his companions and the Tabeins (followers of the companions) and the followers of the Tabeins, whom they call the righteous predecessors (as-salafu al-salih). Shiites believe that the inheritors of the Prophet's knowledge are his family (Ahl al-bayt), who are Imams from Allah (from the Shiites ' point of view). All other disagreements arise from these points.

  2. Sunnis recognize only the Prophet Muhammad, while Shiites revere both Muhammad and his cousin Ali equally. … For Sunnis, it belongs to elected or appointed clerics, and for Shiites, the representative of the highest authority must be exclusively from the Ali family. The imam.

  3. At the present stage, their difference is very clearly expressed in their political views. In Shia Muslim countries such as Iran, Iraq,Azerbaijan,and Bahrain,a mosque is not only a religious institution, but also an administrative and political center. In addition, as other speakers have already written, the head of state is primarily a religious person,an imam, and has a hereditary relationship with Ali, the brother of Muhammad. It is clear that the head of state, in the course of his political activity, will pass his decisions through a religious prism.
    In the same way, Sunni Muslims essentially recognize Allah as the only god, and Muhammad as his prophet. Among the Shiites, Ali is also considered to be the viceroy of Allah.
    The main places of Hajj for Sunnis are Mecca and Medina, for Shiites, in addition to the two mentioned above, Nejef, Karbala and Mashhad are added.
    It is also worth noting that the cult of martyrdom in Sunni Islam is not implanted, and among Shiites it is quite widespread.

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