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  1. It is to give a person unconditional universal rules of behavior. Because a person has a need to feel right, including in the way they act. And to feel that his sense of rightness is not arbitrary, but based on something. And that these grounds are based on something. And so on ad infinitum. Ethics grows out of the same aspiration that, when applied to knowledge of the world, gives rise to science. This self-directed aspiration can be called, if you like, philosophy.

  2. Ethics is, first of all, respect for the individual in society, it is like a business card. I am the one you see. This is an image of education and nobility. If a person wants to be respected, it is necessary to respect the rest of society, these are the rules of behavior in society. “He could speak and write in French, easily dance the mazurka and bow at ease. What's more, the World decided that he was smart and very nice.” With respect.

  3. The meaning is to follow moral principles that are partly inherent in human nature, and partly the essence of the function of the socio-cultural environment.

  4. The real meaning of ethics is to create comfortable conditions for people in society. For example, it is comfortable to speak when you are not interrupted. It is comfortable for other people that you will not yell trying to shout over your opponent in an argument, because ethics. It is comfortable when you are seated with a new person at the table, with whom you will be pleased to communicate, and not with your inveterate enemy (again, this is pleasant for everyone, if everyone does not enjoy your enmity, as well as you). In general, ethics is large and multifaceted. Often, it is built on avoiding conflict situations, and if they arise, reduce the intensity of the conflict and have options for resolving it.

  5. Do to people as you would like them to do to you. The commandments of Christianity are simple and old as the world, plus don't be rude, don't get hot, be able to listen, and if you know how to answer.

  6. Let's philosophize, Etiquette is one of the established rules invented by people. Why do we need these rules?! To keep the awakening anarchic nature of the human being alive.

    But in short, what would be different from the animals.

  7. Ethics is an urban phenomenon. It is not needed in the village. Example: city – peak hours…someone stepped on your foot…and didn't apologize….they came again…but they apologized…you kept silent for the first time, pretending that everything was ok…and on the 2nd expressed…which of the two of you showed ethics?

  8. In a general sense, ethics is how a person decides for himself what is good and right, and what is bad and wrong. A person can check the correctness of their choice by evaluating the results of the choice after some time (or by sketching a model of how the decision will affect the future).

    Morality is how society has already decided for itself what is good and right, and what is bad and wrong. It's a” collective mind ” that tells you what to do and what not to do.

    Thus, the meaning of ethics is not only the direct purpose of evaluation, but also the possibility of not following the current morality, if a person is ready to take on the appropriate responsibility.

  9. Treat people the way you want them to treat you .

    You form an opinion about yourself, in the eyes of others, A PRICE TAG FOR YOURSELF, your WORDS and DEEDS.

    You WRITE your own “Label”. Maybe not by chance – the root of the words is the SAME.

    Good luck!

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