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  1. Let's first define the terminology. A patriot is a person who loves his country. Land, nature, cities, people, what is made by people-variably, or all together. Hatred of other countries and peoples has nothing to do with patriotism.�

    Well, that's it. I'll change the question a bit. Why love your family? Mother, father, brothers, children? There's a simple answer. So that everything will be fine. When you love your family, you take care of them. It makes them feel good. They feel it, respond to you in kind. When everyone loves everyone , everything is good for everyone. Both in the house (on the material plane) and in the soul. That's why you need to love your family in a nutshell.�

    It's the same with the country, only on a large scale. When a country is inhabited by people who love it, everything is fine both in the country itself and with all these people. When this is the case, not only do you have a family where everyone cares about each other, but you also have a country – something disproportionately larger-that also cares about you, as you do about it.�

    If a country is inhabited by people who don't like it, the country dies, and the people living in it suffer. Because everyone doesn't care about everyone.

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