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  1. Nothing is clear at all. Why is it a privilege to live by the law of supply and demand? Why is this opposed to justice? Why are these three animal species chosen? What prevents humanity from living according to these laws?

    Some profound pseudo-philosophy. Where did you find this?” In the Odnoklassniki group “best statuses” or in Shnura's instragram?

  2. What were the days of John Ruskin? This is 1860. The most prominent neo-Malthusian thinkers have just moved on to a better world, offering without much hesitation to castrate the proletarians, who, viciously multiplying, without regard to the scarcity of resources, produce juvenile delinquents. The invisible hand of an educated person, a student, cuts corpses in the morning in the Vienna morgue, and after lunch takes delivery in a public maternity hospital. A third of the women in this institution die of puerperal fever, but the clinic's management calmly argues that this is the punishment sent down by the Lord for sins. Doctors Semmelweis and Lister, who beg doctors to “wash their hands,” are ridiculed. Just in 1860, the social Darwinist theorist Herbert Spencer published Progress: Its Laws and Causes. The formula of justice is found: “A creature that is not energetic enough to fight for its existence must perish.”

    Ruskin objects from the standpoint of Christian socialism. For rats, they say, the formula is found, but it does not suit humans. If you've been following the story of James Damore, who was kicked out of Google in disgrace for wearing a long sheet ,in which he explained that women are naturally less suited to the (high-paying) job of programming, then you know that Google and other companies are now extremely concerned about maintaining proportions. So that among the employees, on the board of directors, in the top management, every creature was represented by a couple, and all the minorities were present, as among the Oscar nominees. Herbert Spencer would have found this crazy, and would not have been convinced by a variety of” studies ” about the beneficial effects of diversity on the business of the firm (these studies look extremely poor).

    This is where we can easily decipher John Ruskin's message. Let the mother rat and the father wolf teach their children to open their mouths wider and swallow everything that turns out to be opposite, and the people of a prosperous society maintain stability, since they have quite a lot of food. In general, they have enough food, you can not castrate the proletarians.

    Having listened to these considerations, Herbert Spencer might have asked cautiously-what about the Dzhigits cleaning the boots of their khans somewhere in the Eurasian expanses, whether they should be enlisted in the people and invited to the boards of directors, or can they still be considered fish? Here he and Ruskin would have engaged in polemics to their mutual satisfaction. Well, we, sinners, will preach to the horsemen that justice for them is determined by the demand for their services, without specifying, of course, their invertebrate status.

  3. The meaning of Christian socialism, promoted by John Ruskin( the author of this quote), as well as Leo Tolstoy, is that above the laws of survival or economics are the laws of justice and compassion, which in the lives of people (unlike animals) should take precedence over considerations of utility. The privilege in this case is tracing paper from English, not exactly what is usually meant in Russian. In English, in this context, it means some kind of right or opportunity (in this case, given by Nature) – without the connotation of superiority over someone.

    The above quote is a note in the book “Until This Last”, section Qui Judicatis Terram (“those who judge the earth” or “judges of the earth” – a quote from the beginning of the biblical Book of Wisdom of Solomon: “Love justice, judges of the earth, think of the Lord, and seek Him in simplicity of heart”). Then the main text goes on to say that although absolute justice is unattainable, just like absolute truth, but the duty and desire of every righteous person is unattainable. The goal of a person is to strive for maximum justice. And this is how it differs from the unrighteous. Just as a truthful person differs from a liar in that he desires and strives for the best approximation to the truth. There are some difficulties with translation, since justice, truth and righteous man do not fully correspond in meaning to justice (in English. closer to “legality”), truth (in English. does not differ from the truth) and a righteous person (in English. this is more like “acting in the right way” or “in accordance with the laws (legal or ethical)”).

    This book had a great influence on M. Gandhi, his philosophical and political beliefs. It was thanks to Ruskin that M. Gandhi moved from the idea of fighting against colonialists to the idea of fighting for a just society, that is, he developed a positive part of his political program.

    Well, as for supply and demand, why it should not be the highest law of existence for a person – this is further written in the same Book of Wisdom of Solomon, about those who decided to crown themselves with rose flowers before they wither, and arrange for a righteous person who interferes with their affairs. From the point of view of Christianity – “Not a great plan!” (c) Tony Stark.

  4. The point is that political speculators are trying to sell moldy goods in new packaging.

    The law of supply and demand is the basic law of economics, which increases the well-being of people and the wealth of nations. Thanks to the operation of this law for the last 250 years, the population of the Earth for the first time in the history of civilization is fed, shod and clothed, has access to medical care and education. Life expectancy is growing, and its quality is improving.

    The law of supply and demand underlies the market economy, which produces more and more diverse goods and services, makes life easier for people, and solves many material and everyday problems.

    The concept of a free market is to give as much wealth as possible to as many people as possible. The market does not deal with spiritual and moral problems, leaving them to society as a whole and to each individual individual. The market does not deny either spiritual life or moral values – this is simply not its sphere.

    But some speculators raise the topic of “justice” – what is it about? About the spiritual life? Or about moral values?

    No, it's about taking everything away from everyone and redistributing it. It's about communism. This experience was already experienced by Russia in the twentieth century, as well as several dozen other countries. Everything ended in failure, because in an environment where nothing is produced, then there is nothing to redistribute. These speculators started almost 200 years ago with the fact that everything is bad and everyone is poor, so, they say, justice is needed. Over the past two centuries, the market has fed everyone, shod and clothed, and provided a lot of other things. Therefore, political speculators had to change the topic to 180 – everyone, they say, thinks about material things, but it is necessary about justice.

    If you start a conversation with one of these speculators, the following strange dialogue will take place::

    • If you are ready to fight for justice together with us, then first give us what you have – an apartment, a car, an iPhone.

    • What for?

    • Many people do not have enough, we need to help. We will collect everything, and then distribute it among all of them.

    • They can buy it all – an apartment from a developer, a car, and an iPhone in a store.

    • They don't have enough money for this, they are the poorest strata.

    • So what do I do without an apartment, car, and iPhone?

    • Write an application, we will send it to Gosplan, where all applications are accumulated and from the available stock you will be given what you will be entitled to according to the developed standards: living space – at the rate of 10 sq.m/person, a car – if possible, but with an engine capacity of no more than 1.6 liters. and one cell phone of any brand.

    • And what is bad now is that I have all this in abundance, which suits me. And not just me, but everyone around me.

    • Unfairly.

    These political speculators deprive people of their freedom of choice and freedom in general, but they destroy the economy and make everyone poor.

  5. Nothing. Neither fish, nor rats, nor wolves live by the laws of supply and demand. The maxim begins with a deliberately false statement and ends with an extremely controversial one (probably also false). But as kra-a-a-a-siv said.. .

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