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  1. The brain is conditioned. Actually, this is its most important function and the same problem. Getting rid of conditioning promises immeasurable sincere joy. Actually, the goal of becoming a “nobody” is the realization of constant joy.

    I'll show you a corny example.

    We work to earn money, the money will be spent on a minimal existence+the rest will go to get pleasure-happiness>consequently, to be in a joyful state. The problem is that our brain can not be satisfied with the same thing all the time, from there all the big requests. People with high incomes, for example, the case of Kurt Cabain – in this example, we can see that the person has tried all kinds of entertainment, drugs, and God knows what else.

    As a consequence of this example, awareness of the problem follows. But a person has a mind and it is stupid not to use it, so renouncing your ” I ” is the development of the ability to be content not only with small things, but with the ability to rejoice constantly. Personally, I've been working in this field since I was 18 (I'm 28 now)

  2. Stop being a person, become a tool. A person with such abilities, who fulfills their own desires, is able to sow uncontrolled chaos. “Jaqen”, in my opinion, released Arya not because she defeated a rival, and not because of his sympathy for her, but because her “list” coincided with the” order ” with which Jaqen himself failed and was among the prisoners sent by Ned Stark to the Wall. Jaqen had heard the names on her list, so he gave her a special coin, prepared it, and sent it as a homing weapon against Cersei, for example.

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