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  1. Today, the world is experiencing three global crises-climate change, reduction of biological diversity and environmental pollution. Conscious consumption is consumption that (almost) does not make these three crises worse. Any household action, trip, purchase is accompanied by an analysis of options, their comparison and selection of the least harmful to the environment. Such management of everyday life requires a deep understanding of the issues and constant expansion of knowledge. Therefore, in my opinion, conscious consumption today is a constant self-education, mastering new habits and building connections with people who hold similar views. Together — much easier and more fun 🙂

  2. The meaning of conscious consumption today is the need to realize that a person and the Universe are one, and if this is so, then a person is obliged to behave and act in such a way that this whole would be comfortable and good in everything. “Those who understand life are no longer in a hurry. He savors every moment and watches the child sleeping, the old man praying, the rain falling and the snowflakes melting. Those who have understood life have understood the essence of things, that only death is perfect in life, and that knowing without being surprised is more terrible than not knowing or being able to do something.” With respect.

  3. I smoke when it is difficult to make the right decision, I don't know why and how, but the analytical, legal and the entire state Duma combined wakes up in my head. Tested by life, the Ministry of Health is obliged to approve if this is not a gynocide to its people, we need smart private, and most importantly kind people. I believe in the good. Even if the Bible is just a book, he may be so bland that the earth, then grass, animals and only then a person that a more intelligent being would love and protect the weaker one, everything else is not necessary to play it, it is much more interesting saturated when you live it. Christ is Risen

  4. Well, on the example of food. As I do my chores, I find that I am hungry: a long time has passed since morning, there is still no lunch, less energy, and there is a hunt. I figure out what and how much I want to eat, how hungry I am, and where to get it – and I eat: slowly, carefully, as much as I want, and not as much as I put in the plate. I feel like I've had enough. Class, I put down my instruments and go about my business. Everything is fine, I consciously consume food: the body is a smart thing, if you listen to it , it will let you know how much and what it needs to feel good.

    Or: I do things and things don't go well: I don't learn what I want to do. And I worry, and I confuse the feeling of anxiety with the feeling of hunger (this happens sometimes). And instead of calming down, or asking for help there, or figuring out what's not working, I go to eat. Well, mixed up, it happens… And since reducing anxiety is associated with satiety in most people, I eat too much. Although, really, I had a big breakfast an hour ago. I sit there, dumb and calm, until I'm hungry enough again… What I'm talking about: I've mixed up anxiety and hunger, and I really can't fully mix one up with the other. And I start eating like I'm not myself. Instead of dealing with your anxiety. This is my difficulty with mindfulness.

    There is a lot of this around: modern marketing seeks (and quite effectively) to replace real needs with imaginary ones – this is a classic of the consumer society. If I have bad breath , they sell me chewing gum, and they sell it in such a way that I think it will improve my relationships with important people… In reality, this does not work: first, bad breath is an excuse to go to the dentist or other doctor, and secondly, not all people who do not have bad breath build excellent relationships with others… Understanding all this is the basis for conscious consumption:)

  5. The fact that consuming something in a certain amount, whether it is something material or spiritual perception, depending on what the author means, you realize all the possible consequences and, moreover, you put up with it in advance, driving yourself into a corner of hopelessness.

  6. Here, there was already a question about consumption (follow the link). Society has to maintain a balance between the tasks of production and consumption. These two vectors in people's minds are directed in different directions. Therefore, it is necessary to steer so that the people correctly understand the rulers and support the policy.

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