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  1. When I studied at the Faculty of Psychology, as part of the course of clinical psychology, and then psychiatry, teachers always told about this case. And, oddly enough, in order not to search for a long time , they offered to read Wikipedia to us. So, they paid attention to the list of references, now it is like this:

    Keyes D. Multiple Minds by Billy Milligan Fruit = The Minds of Billy Milligan. – Moscow: Eksmo, Domino, 2004. – ISBN 5-699-07012-5.

    Keyes D. Milligan's Wars = The Milligan Wars. — 1986. At the moment, the book is published only in Japan, its publication in other languages is planned after the release of the Billy Milligan film “The Crowded Room”.

    Chekushina, Ekaterina I happen a lot / / Maxim.

    Two art books and one article in a men's magazine. I did not find any scientific literature (really scientific, i.e. publications based on research results) on this topic, at least at the time of my studies at the Faculty of Psychology.

    At the moment, there is a theory that Billy Milligan's disease is iatrogenic (that is, it appeared due to the influence of a doctor) or simply fictional. If you look at the statistics of morbidity, then, after the popularization of the Billy Milligan story, there was a sharp jump in referrals (up to 40,000 in ten years! and this is with about 70 cases in the entire history). Do not forget that the first case of fixing such a disorder occurred in judicial practice (Chris Sizemore tried to kill her own daughter).

    In general, there is very little reason to trust the veracity of Billy's case. Yes, about the disease as a whole, mostly artistic authors wrote, and not doctors or psychologists who conducted the necessary research.

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