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  1. Bigger than ever. Now the question of survival is not so acute and the age of emotions and impressions has come. Games are one of the most important ways to get these emotions. They come up with educational systems with game moments, achieving serious goals in a playful manner, and developing through games(not just for children).

    Huge budgets, huge potential. And all this is growing rapidly. In addition to their social significance, they have a very strong impact on the economy, creating a whole structure (even computer stadiums are assembled).

    Games develop physically and mentally, they make people addicted, affect their worldview. You can find a lot of positive or negative things in them. A lot of articles have been written about this. Again, people study it, allocate mental and physical strength to study it. Some people say that video games make people violent, but it's not very common to talk about improving the reaction time. Although, cruelty is more a consequence of any addiction.

    Games break up families, and someone on the contrary creates a family, finding a common interest in the game. Games turn some people into degraded people who can't talk, and for others, games serve to unload the brain, which works all day on the edge of possibilities.

    In general, the role is crucial, and if you look closely, you can see the impact of games (including computer games) in the most unexpected areas.

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