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  1. The intelligentsia is the elite of society. But Russia is not in an airless space. Many states are trying in every possible way to harm Russia and the Russians. They do some damage by starting an information war. And within the framework of this war, they are trying in Russia to set one part of the population against another. How to do it? People now, after all these Bialowieza agreements, the shootings of the White House, Crimea and Donbass, are literate, they understand what's what, who is a friend and who is an enemy. There are many such people who vote for certain politicians. How to break it? In our society, there is a part of the population that is strictly oriented to the West. She will sell her own mother for Western values. There are not many such people, at best five or ten percent. How can they impose their views on others?

    These few anti-Russian people, as a rule, have already managed to settle in well in this life. They found jobs in television, theater, painting and literature, journalism, and human rights groups. This is not to say that these were all hand-picked geniuses of the brush and pen. But after all, how can they be banished from the screen or from the newspaper now? No way.

    And this whole gang-leika decided to appropriate the right to decide the life and fate of all other Russians. Supposedly, a simple Russian man can't figure out what he really wants. But “educated” people know this. The gang calls itself not just the intelligentsia, but the creative intelligentsia. Why creative? Because they are more attached to those areas where you do not need to strain much, but just talk with your tongue. And all the other people, engineers, doctors, scientists-they are no longer the creative intelligentsia? Presumably not. Makarevich is a creative intelligentsia. And the engineer who builds bridges, roads and houses for us-he is already like a different color, he can not determine the fate of the entire people.

    It is for all these reasons that the question is asked about some special tasks of the intelligentsia. Her task is simple – to go about her business, and when necessary – to vote for the people they like. And this creative intelligentsia has neither the right nor the duty to impose its values on the rest of the people, but in fact to play the role of a”fifth column”.

    Am I an obscurantist? No. I am just an ordinary Russian scientist, the author of many books, both scientific and artistic, a full member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Sciences. I do not consider myself a” creative intelligentsia”, but simply consider myself an ordinary Russian.

  2. The intelligentsia is not a public administration body, it does not have clear boundaries as to how long a person, say, is not yet an intellectual, so it is not entirely correct to talk about tasks: who will set them? And to whom? Rather, we are talking about those who are elite not for money or rank, but for merit. Who organizes and does everything exceptionally well in their place, and this benefits others in the form of hard work and a good role model (and often also envy).

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