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  1. Religious philosophy is the philosophical component of a religious belief expressed in the canonical texts of a particular religion.

    Theology can be understood as the doctrine of God or gods that exists in a particular religion. But Christian theology is a complex of complex disciplines. The basic question of Christian theology is the relationship between faith and reason. As you may know, the Christian creed, which begins with the words “I believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, the Creator…” – this is a set of everything that needs to be accepted on faith, and everything else follows from this in a logical way. Theology was also created in order to logically deduce from the texts of the canonical scriptures answers to questions that were not raised there. Initially, the methodology of Plato and Aristotle was used for this purpose. Theology includes various disciplines, for example, apologetics-the defense of the truth of the Christian faith, begun in the texts of early Christian authors who wrote against pagans, or, for example, homiletics – the art of reading a sermon. As well as a number of other disciplines.

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