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  1. Well, this is the usual hysterical propaganda of modern religion-conspiracy. Both the Jews of the first century A.D., the Europeans of 1600, and modern people – especially the emotional ones who strongly believe in the tenets of their religion-actively write “apocalypses”, i.e., statements of their fears about the judgment of sinners and the end of the modern world. If this is considered this kind of literature, there is nothing special about “Insider's Revelations” compared to” Revelation of John”. The same images, the same ideas, only presented in modern language: “The all-powerful gods will kill us all, we are grains of sand and cannot do anything with their power, we should somehow please them so that they will spare us, but we don't know how, so aaaaaaa, we will all die anyway.” The first known examples of this art are found in Chaldea. It's just a shame that humanity has degraded and primitivized so much that the place of the gods in the modern religion-conspiracy was taken not even by ancient gods, imagined as infinitely perfect people, but by completely ordinary people with ordinary human shortcomings, only having a lot of money and secular power.�

    You know, there is such a concept in modern literary criticism – “Mary Sue”, or”Marvin Sue”. This is a character (most often the main character), which in a work of fiction is the” ideal self ” of the author, it is described as the author would like to see himself, and this character looks very comical for beginners or just stupid writers. The typical Marvin Sue, for example, is Langdon at Dan Brown's. And for young fanficers, these characters are really terribly funny, especially if you have an imagination and imagine how they write about them there, whispering their pathetic remarks and secretly feeling their biceps. Well, that's it: The insider is a typical Marvin Sue of a rather nasty, petty and sneaky person, most likely a poor office clerk, most definitely a resident of the United States, poorly educated, living in the virtual reality of the Internet, most likely single, raised by one mother without siblings; his mother died when he was just over 20 years old; it's not impossible that he's mentally ill, but it doesn't have to be; he's probably a bachelor's degree from a public university and clearly from the East Coast of the United States, I suspect New Jersey, Albany, Boston, somewhere out there. This is what is deducted from its text the first time. I didn't have enough time for two, otherwise (and if I had been a little more educated), I would have given you my first and last name.

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