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  1. A person cannot be intellectually developed, because there is no such degree of mental perfection for him that will allow him to stop in development and say: “I am intellectually developed!”

    The human mind needs constant development, acquiring new knowledge and skills. And this knowledge needs to be constantly deepened, and skills need to be honed. If you stop this process of self-improvement, information will start to be forgotten, imagination will become sluggish and dull, intuition will not work, etc.

  2. To be considered — those that evaluators consider forming the image of intellectuality. And to be intellectually developed — those who will help you be able to use any knowledge. For example, ICR TRIZ. It will help in both cases.

  3. It is worth getting acquainted with the synergetic theory ( it is not necessary to go deeper), to learn approximately how they “live” and what makes complex, self-organizing and self-developing systems. This will help you understand how everything works, or rather, it will create a universal framework for quick learning and ! understanding! �almost everything.�


  4. I also thought about this question and come to the conclusion that if an adult knows the entire school curriculum, then he can definitely be called intellectually developed, and not just developed, but versatile.

    This may not seem like much at first glance, but think about whether you have friends who can easily equalize a chemical reaction, draw an electrical diagram, recite an example of Iambic pentameter, solve a cubic equation, explain the reasons for the second crusade, give an example of lepidoptera, know 1-2 foreign languages at an average level, and so on.

  5. I think that such a person can be called or consider himself someone who knows at least at a basic level about how our universe works. How can you live without at least a very basic understanding of where you live and how it all works? All the more so, considering that our very existence is a miracle, which might not have happened if a huge number of coincidences had not come together in an amazing way.

    It is sometimes surprising to realize that most people who go to work every day in the subway, do not even think about where they are, how our planet works and everything that surrounds it, what all the substances and objects that surround us every day consist of. What the hell is a cat made of, and how did it turn out the way it did?

    I believe that every person who thinks at least a little bit should be interested in all this. Various books in the science-pop genre help to understand and learn such things, for example, I am currently reading the book” A Brief History of Almost Everything in the World ” by Bill Bryson, and this is a very interesting book written in a very lively and simple language, not devoid of a fair amount of humor. I highly recommend the book to anyone who is at least a little interested in how it all turned out that we all exist today. It is very interesting to be aware of such things, and I believe that the intellectual development of any intelligent person begins with this-with the awareness of where we are in general and how we got here.

    Also, it is interesting to learn more about what a person is, and how he turned out the way he is. How come we can talk and sing romantic songs? Again, any intelligent person will sooner or later ask the question – where are the roots of what is a person? Before you understand what kind of person can be called intellectually developed, you should ask the question-what is a person in general? And this question is very deep and there is a lot of unknown things here. Tatiana Chernigovskaya's lectures will help you learn more about this – she also talks about complex things in a very accessible language.

    I believe that anyone who wants to consider themselves intellectually developed should first of all have a basic idea of who a person is, where they live, and how everything turned out so well. A very small number of people have an idea of this (even at the most basic level), so all this is already a good start for development.


    1. 1500 words of your native language in the active vocabulary.

    2. 30 English words.

    3. Multiplication table and knowledge of arithmetic rules.

    4. Knowledge of 2-3 names of writers, artists, directors and actors.

    5. Knowing the name of your head of state.

    6. Driver's license.

    7. Some professional skills or knowledge (optional).

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