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  1. Most of all, of course, I would like to “Hang out in Palm Springs”.

    Unlike the reality of the butterfly effect, the memory of millions of days can easily fit in your head without migraines, in addition, unlike Groundhog Day-you are not alone.

    And by checking an infinite number of situations without harming the future, you can safely study quantum physics and return to the real world through detonation without losing a single day. Or stay. And who will talk – about the same everyday life, what are you talking about? We have, on average, thirty years to retire here…

  2. Well, if you take our films-The Eldest Son or the Irony of fate. Foreign – Police Academy, Three Days of Condor or Andromeda

  3. I would like to live in the world of the movie-series “Lost” (Stay alive) . A fantastic island in the shifting of space and time. Cool!

  4. I always wanted to live in the world of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit; in the universe of the animated series “He-man and the Lords of the Universe”; the animated series” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ” (2003-2009).

  5. From the old world-the universe of Tolkien or Pirates of the Caribbean. From high-tech – SW or Guardians of the Galaxy.

    I understand that this is too contradictory, but I can't choose one thing :with

  6. It is not necessary to live someone else's, fictional life, it is quite enough to live your own so that there would be something to tell your grandchildren…I think this is an exhaustive answer,everything else is according to the site's rules.

  7. My ideal imaginary world is Middle – earth. The way Peter Jackson portrayed this world struck me in the heart. And this is not only from a visual point of view, the musical accompaniment from the brilliant composer Howard Shore is just perfect, all together creating an extraordinary atmosphere. As a child, I imagined myself as an elf from Rivendell, walking through Hobbiton in my mind, fighting battles in the heart of Mordor – a fantasy that was boundless. That's probably why I still dream of going to New Zealand one day.�
    Even before I met Tolkien and Jackson's films, I imagined myself living in a similar fictional world, although it's not from the movies at all – maybe someone remembers, in the 90s there were such fantasy comics El ElfQuest from Richard and Wendy Pini. Even in video games, I always choose the elven race. So in my heart I'm an elf until the end of my days =)

  8. The first thing that came to mind was the Shire from The Lord of the Rings. But only so that there are no wars and all sorts of black horsemen do not ride back and forth. As well as beauty : nature, forest, cozy hobbit holes, idyll…

  9. Of course, in Tolkien's Middle-earth, the best that is written from fantasy. Gary Potter isn't exactly like that. While the childhood years were still interesting, and then the dregs. But our world is also beautiful. Travel as soon as possible. Even in Russia, there are a lot of amazing things!

  10. It's unlikely to live) but maybe I would go on a camping trip for a couple of days.�

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


    Subject to the health regulations of a tourist trip to ” Pirates of the Caribbean, only with Captain Jack Sparrow.”

    Where dreams lead (with refund))

    Well, a lot more.

  11. I would always like to be in the shoes of McFly from Back to the Future, except for the third part of the film, because the culture of the Wild West is very far away for me. Influence the future, look at your family when they were young, and so on.
    It would be nice to be in the universe of the TV series “True Detective”. To feel all this depressive prostration, where you are a detective following the truth, and really “catch McConaughey”.
    Well, in short from the TV series: Clinic, the X-Files, Breaking Bad.

  12. My first thought is ” Star Wars.” A very detailed universe that includes many different worlds, and the space theme has always attracted me.

    I would also like to visit Twin Peaks, just for the Lynch atmosphere. In third place, perhaps, the worlds of Burton, from them breathes a fairy tale.

  13. If we consider not only the richness of the film plots, the beauty/ugliness of the surrounding world, the characters present and other external factors, but also estimate a little more broadly, with all the disadvantages, then, to be honest, not in any way. For 10 years now, I have not lived a life, but some kind of movie, with amazing ups and just monstrous downs. To break out of this into an ordinary gray existence, without losses, without too joyful and happy events – to simply, boringly and without the slightest changes.

  14. TV series “Big Change”.

    Youth, work and study, beautiful and understandable human relationships, serious life issues and humor, human decency and openness, the presence of prospects.

  15. I would love to live my life in a movie of the same name based on Ray Bradbury's book Fahrenheit 451. To be practically alone against the whole world, to go to the end for your idea and fight for what you love so much, namely for books that travel like ships of thought on the waves of time and carefully carry their precious cargo from generation to generation.

  16. I will be original – In the world of the TV series “Firefly” or if you strictly approach the question, then in the world of the movie “Mission Serenity”. Space travel, exploration of new worlds, no superhumans(almost) and an imbalance between them and ordinary people(Example: Jedi and humans).�

    Why this world? In the world of Hogwarts, you can turn out to be a Muggle, in the world of Star Wars, you can get caught in a mix between Jedi/Sith, and in the world of middle-earth, you are very likely to be a farmer. Then there are equal opportunities in the space world.

  17. About the universe of J. R. R. TolkienTolkien has already said everything and this universe is magnificent, but I would stay in this world, because it is also not simple, it is also magical in its own way and has many beauties.
    To answer this question, I wouldn't mind the world from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The world will remain the same, and live cartoons will walk among us)

  18. I would like to live in the doll-like,if somewhat tragic, atmosphere of the Grand Budapest Hotel. There is something fascinating about it,something that borders on the borderline between dream and reality.

  19. Of course, in the “Harry Potter” universe. Who didn't want to get a letter from Hogwarts, study there, become a famous wizard, and as an adult uncle send their young wizard son to the school where you spent the best years of your life?

  20. From all the variety, I would choose the world of noon, written by A. And B. Strugatsky. This world of a near but almost happy future is not shown, but is implied in the film adaptations of “inhabited island”and” it's hard to be a god”.

    A world in which humanity has conquered itself and is now developing, expanding and developing other worlds.

  21. “Avatar” by James Cameron.�

    This is a world in which people have learned to master life on other planets. Interstellar travel has become an everyday reality. Humanity travels and thrives. At the same time, we are still not faced with the horrors of space, no alien invaders, Aliens, viruses and other star warriors.

  22. I would like to live in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. It's very exciting and romantic. Or be present during the conquest/exploration of another planet (the series “Terra Nova” or “Avatar” in the sense that they are on another planet). Because living in times of grandiose discoveries and significant events greatly increases the pleasure of this life.

    And the idea of the book “It's Hard to be a God” also beckons. I would like, like the main character, to be in the time of an older civilization, developing. Observe and, if possible, influence the direction of development. For example, during the Crusades in one of the European countries, maybe in the time of Genghis Khan and Batu-I wonder what was still there.

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