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  1. I do not adhere to any political ideology.

    Reality is too complex to fit into a simple theory, and a complex one has no chance of becoming a mass theory.

    There are a lot of political, economic, socio-psychological theories, each of which captures certain patterns from life. Sometimes these patterns are stronger than others and the theory makes reasonable predictions More often others are stronger and the theory offers complete nonsense.

    I believe that governing in theory is the worst thing that can happen to a country. Success will be random, and failure will be natural.

  2. I am a supporter of the center-left, and more specifically of social democracy, social liberalism, and democratic socialism. Why? These ideologies perfectly combine socialist and liberal views. In economics, the views of demosocialists range from a mixed economy to the transfer of all means of production to distributed ownership among labor collectives. I still support a mixed economy, and both private and public ownership.

    Demosocialists advocate direct democracy and a multi-party system with different ideologies (including those that contradict socialism). This is not the dictatorship of the proletariat.

  3. Communist, scientific, materialistic. The one that comes from the interests of the working person. on which everything rests, everything lives. This includes social and economic parasites.

  4. I believe that a new time is already coming on the planet Earth, when ideology should cease to be only political. It should become synthetic. Combine science, philosophy, politics, religion, art, mass creativity, collective intelligence, AI, and much more. Stop feeding the people with “isms”, push their heads together, divide and rule. The people need to be given Knowledge, Information, the Idea of democracy, the scientific system of a new type of state, where not the power of the state over the people is exercised, but the power of the people over the state. A system of rigid legal mechanisms should be supported by the will of a stable majority, with a new type of checks and balances to counter populism and ochlocracy, to protect the vital rights of minorities, with a strictly scientific and constant study of all social needs and opportunities to use the productive forces and potential of individuals and collectives as pragmatically as possible. Politics should be gradually and gradually squeezed out of the public consciousness, as an anachronism, as a symbol and mechanism of “someone's power there”. Politics and political ideologies should gradually transform into the theory and practice of achieving the public good by the people themselves, using the state as a shovel in their hands, and not as a whip over their heads. It is necessary to massively introduce the ideas of healthy asceticism-conscious self-restraint in the field of material consumption, mutual assistance, sustainable development, and keeping the planet in a viable state. All sorts of political “elitists”, party and clan “aristocracies”, professional managers and crooks and other enemies of the people should go into the past, freeing up the place of “technocracies” from physicists and lyricists, from professionals and amateurs, not the essence at all. People should embrace the new paradigm of the philosophy of power, “power as service”, not “power as management”. When this idea takes hold of the masses, it will become a material force that can save humanity and make it cosmic, not parasitic.

    And if someone else wants “isms”, then you can leave the last and decisive “ism”. Communism is the rule of the people plus the robotization of the entire country.

    All the best.

  5. I profess Russian Orthodox traditional socialism. Because any non-Russian culture that exists on the territory of the Russian Federation should be oppressed, and ideally-destroyed. Russia for Russians.

    We must protect the very existence of our tradition and the future for Russian children.

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