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  1. I would definitely ask what God really thinks about atheists, transsexuals, and homosexuals, and why the gift of faith is not given to everyone.

    I hope I'll get some answers too))

  2. I would ask why I was given a mental illness with hallucinatory symptoms, as a result of which I communicate with gods and other supernatural forces. Well, or “Why did I smoke?”

  3. I would ask why it does not manifest itself in any way and people just have to blindly believe.
    �Of course, I know what a priest or just a believer(or the Bible) would say to me, but “ask God directly” is something else entirely. �And having received the answer to this question, the rest can disappear automatically.

  4. Since the pagan was asked to answer… hmm-depends on which god you can ask the question to. But if in aggregate, then I would definitely ask how they allowed the appearance of a person (fuck? why the fuck did you do that?)
    In general, the active ritual practice of a pagan involves communication with the gods, including questions.

  5. So how does everything work from your point of view? In a language that I can understand, please, but without material misrepresentation; I believe you can.


  6. Actually, all my questions to God come down to how it all works and how it was done. In general, I am extremely interested in questions about how everything works, how it works….

  7. So many interesting questions for a fictional character. It's a pity he won't answer any of them. However, you can create an account for it on TheQuestion.ru, and respond on behalf of God on interesting topics. Is Rick Gervais going to work part-time?

  8. I'd like to know if this was all his idea. Well, G-d in my concept is something abstract that created the world, I don't belong to one of the religions. And I would just say, ” Did you think that people would become like this? What will happen to ALL OF THIS? Were we your idea or something else?” And so perhaps nothing comes to mind.

  9. Even judging by many of the answers here, a lot of people assume that God is far from omnipotent. He may be very cool, but he's not all-powerful. So I would ask what is higher and cooler than God. Maybe he himself has a god that he believes in (and that one has another, and so on)? Maybe he has a boss (or a customer)? Or are the laws of nature stronger than God, and he can't break them? In short, I am interested in what prevents omnipotence.

  10. Heh. well, OK, let's imagine that it is.
    So the first question is ,did he really come up with all this faith stuff?

    the second is whether he's happy with the way it all looks, and if not, why the hell is he sitting still and not interfering?
    Third , do people make him laugh?
    Fourth , does he really have nothing else to do? mb he somehow relaxes and is busy with something else, etc. it's not all the time for him to look at us from the sky.

    that's enough for now.

  11. The situation is so unreal that it is very difficult for me to even hypothetically imagine when and under what circumstances this could happen, despite the fact that I consider myself a person not without imagination) A question from the category of your friend is dying, suffering and asks for help to leave, what would you do? It is impossible to answer this question until you find yourself in this situation. It's the same here, only on the spot you can understand what you want to ask, if you want to ask anything at all.

  12. I would ask him to show me the universe as he sees it. But I do not know if I believe in God at all.

    P.S. Why are there so many answers covered up? This is a rather abstract and subjective question, these are the answers

  13. I would ask God-why did you create such a huge number of living beings, condemning most of them to suffering and painful death? Why is it that someone is born with everything for happiness, and someone is born with congenital diseases, and all his short life, he feels excruciating pain? Why didn't you do anything when people were exterminating entire species of living things?in general, where is justice, God?

  14. I stand firmly on the feet of my philosophy, and I definitely don't need other people's answers to metaphysical questions. I am not interested in the meaning of life and the causes of causes. I am interested in the only important questions — earthly ones. I would ask God what is harmful and what is useful to me, how best to do this or that or something like that. As for me, this is the only category of questions that should be asked to God, if we know that he will answer with the truth, and if we don't know this, then it is better not to communicate with him at all — we will be healthier.

  15. First, I would thank God for all that he has given me since I was born, even though I have earned absolutely nothing of it. I would thank him for the very opportunity to exist: to see this beautiful world, to hear, touch and feel the result of his perfect creation, to communicate, to love and be loved. And then I would get down on my knees and ask him for his great mercy to answer just one question: How can I serve you, Lord?

  16. What free will can
    there be for those who are born
    in the midst of screaming, blood, sweat, tears and pain,
    unable to even think?.. And the answer
    to a simple Shakespearean question,
    moreover, is not destined to tell
    the soul… — It will be forcibly thrown down from heaven,
    because” to be, not to be ” — my Father decided long ago,
    for everyone… Oh, if the choice
    were given to me, I would remain in that darkness
    where there is no life, where neither hair nor nerves can stand on end
    from horror in a mad mess
    … There is no freedom,
    no will, only a network of roads and rock.
    And ribonucleic codes
    are encrypted by a curious eternal God
    who sees everything… To ask Him would be:
    Aren't you ashamed of Your creations?
    Mistakes, maybe, or samples?
    Or maybe he'd bet on fights
    between the creatures He'd created.
    I don't want to be a part of this…
    But the circle is closed: both life and death — by the stars,
    and then — again in the hands of a doctor
    amid screaming, blood, sweat, tears and pain.
    And again-bone-clenched brains…

    …The spirit bemoans free will,
    the flesh demands-eat, drink, be fruitful and sleep!

  17. I don't really believe in God, but if he theoretically exists, he must be a very cruel son of a bitch.�

    Believers explain the tragic deaths of wonderful people, wars, and other shit as a test of faith.�

    Now, I wouldn't ask anything. I'd just tell him that he's a rare schmuck.

  18. I would ask the question, why did you create me?�

    Why, if I am of no use , but only harm!

    I only make it worse, and groan worse.�

    I'm so stupid in the truest sense of the word, and a complete fool.

  19. A speculative question. But who says you have to wait until you introduce yourself? Does God speak only to the dead? You can also ask this question before writing your will. And if you really want to know, you'll get an answer. Of course, it is not necessary to wait for a fire-winged angel or a prophetic dream. After all, if the question is clearly formulated, then it almost contains the answer, it remains only to make sure. It is clear that this is not exactly a mystical meeting on a cloud, but if you call God a deep concentration, the most harmonized state of mind, a sharpened intuition, which can also reveal some secrets…

  20. I would ask how, to whom and how this or that scenario of life gets. Why exactly did I get this role? And what will happen to my son now and how will his future life develop?..

    Can I see my son again? a hug, a kiss,a hug?

  21. Well, hello. Please answer my questions (you know what they are – why is there so much suffering in the world?, does anyone have free will? Can you create the same stone? How many Earth-like civilizations are there in the world? Making a barrel?).

  22. Why are babies born sick? Why are children born and affected by cancer in infancy? For what, for what,…? Why millions of people die, forcibly defending … ideas from politicians? God, why are you so illogical? Why are you hiding from us? Why?

  23. I think I would have done without any questions. Maybe something private, in the style of “what should I do with this or that circumstance of my life, accept it as it is or try to change it” (this is if I meet before death, but it's useless to guess after death, everything is different there).

  24. What is it to understand that 7 billion beings believe in you, who die for you, and some live for you, and yet all of them, never once give a sign that you are, do not give hope to those people who blindly follow someone they have never seen?

  25. Since I would have taken a meeting with God in life as a need to go to the doctor or as someone's malicious joke, I would have been able to talk to him adequately only after death. And then I would ask the question:”what the hell was all this strange movement needed for?”

  26. For what? Why millions of people are forced to suffer, where is justice? Why children are born with bone cancer, why good people die so early, why we bury our own children, and not the other way around… under the conditions that this euryuga exists

  27. I don't know, but since I was asked to answer this question, I will say that I would probably include the last idiot, and I would ask in such a manner something like “And what was that? A prank? Yes? Nu lan, where are my concubines? Should I go left or right? Straight and right? Understood. Thanks, man, you're the best comedian I've ever seen, so I'm off.”

  28. It is strange to ask an atheist to answer this question, but since such an invitation has come to me, I will try to fantasize.�

    To begin with, I will upset those who in one form or another designated their question as “how did you do all this and why”. As far as I can tell, no living person is physically capable of containing the amount of information that will flow to him if God begins to explain his plan, even if he does it “in an accessible form.”

    In general, any attempt to ask God some global question will lead to rather sad consequences for you. No wonder they say that God and his plans are incomprehensible to mortals.

    However, if I still had the chance to meet God, I would ask him the most interesting question in my opinion. The question on which the whole system of faith is built, whether it is Islam, Christianity, paganism or any other faith: “if you are all-merciful and forgiving, why couldn't you forgive your son and have mercy on him? After all, then there would be no antagonist to you, there would be no evil, and all living beings could pass through the path of purification without experiencing temptations and temptations. Why did you banish Lucifer / Shaitan/Hades/substitute the antagonist of your God in a place opposite to what people call Paradise? ” I think his answer would fit perfectly in a couple of phrases…if he decided to answer such a grain of sand in his existence as me)))

  29. Who are you?” Come on, goodbye!
    If so many people have died for him (who is not), why should we worship him, even if he is all-powerful ? This is no longer a question – it is a statement of fact.

  30. Imagine that you are an ant. You were born as a result of a genetic experiment in a scientific laboratory. The professor who led the experiment was interested in the animal world from childhood. I studied, read books, and defended my dissertation. He wrote many scientific papers. Finally, he received a substantial grant to research new technologies for modeling organisms. Changes were made to the ant's DNA, and a new, never-before-seen organism was born. The new method was proven, the professor received the Nobel Prize, and the developed technology was successfully used to correct genetic diseases.

    But you are an ant. All your life you have been carrying straws to the artificial anthill where you were placed. Take a straw and drag it, drag it home. You grab the food and drag it. And so it is every day, every day. But everything comes to an end, and so does your life. You find yourself face-to-face with the professor, and by some miracle you can ask him a question.�

    What can you ask him? And what can he say to you?

  31. And whether it is worth asking something, no one will believe you, even if you learn the great truth, the truth can also harm you.Therefore, it is better to find out whether it is worth converting rubles to euros at the moment)

  32. As it may sound, I would ask God:how does the universe work?All those riddles before humanity.
    Although, I myself am an unbeliever, but there is such a condition.

    • Hey, chuvaaaak. How are you doing?” Aren't you hungry?” And sleep? The believers haven't got it yet? What's going on in this world anyway? Do you exist? Or maybe not after all?
  33. If the opportunity presented itself, there would be a lot of questions.�

    Of course, there would be questions from the series: how much is infinity, are there still intelligent living beings in other galaxies, how to travel through time? And the list goes on and on. (I'm probably going to have a five-year-old child living in me for the rest of my life, with endless whys and wherefores.)

    But one of the main questions would be: why is there so much injustice in our world? Why someone works and gets nothing. And the one who does nothing and lives happily ever after? Why does a person with good intentions often fail to implement their plans, while a person with malicious intent succeeds? Why does everyone care how others live? Why should everything be resolved through conflict and someone else's loss? Why do so many people have to die suffering? And why should so many people have to live with suffering? Why is he and his laws always so bloodthirsty? And why, if he allows all this and/or fails to prevent it, should people worship him?

    It seems to me that these questions are quite enough for a spontaneous answer. And it also seems to me that I won't have the opportunity to ask someone about it.

  34. “Can I do it again?”, I would ask.�

    I'll write again to get some signs that it's better not to ask anything, because the answer may turn out to be too unpleasant.

  35. Good question. I think that each of us, having modeled such a situation in our head, was a little confused, because the world is unknowable, and our inquisitive brain wants to learn more and more. Now we have the opportunity to prepare for such an event and reflect a little. To find the “answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything else”, a person goes all the way and reaches the end point (and, I believe, the starting point) – God.

    I would not ask about the structure of the world (various sciences are trying to find answers to this question, and quite successfully). I think I would like to know something that is completely unknowable to the human mind. The problem now is, what could it be? A soul? It is there, since I stand before God. Love? It can be explained from the point of view of chemistry. Only one thing is illusory. Future. Yes, history is cyclical, yes, we experience the same events, but the epochs themselves are not similar to each other. Traditions, technologies, relationships, everything is changing. Therefore, I would talk to God about the future-the future of my loved ones, the Earth, the world, other galaxies, and, of course, my soul. It's interesting)

  36. I have a theory of energy and being, I would like God to reveal to me the laws of the universe, as formulas by which I can calculate/know myself and this world.

  37. Where have you been for all these thousands of years, when there was so much shit going on, like wars and epidemics?�

    People pray to you, build churches in your honor, and fight wars, and what do you do all the time?

  38. Is she as healthy as you are?” Me? Yes, it's fine. Let's go for a beer? I know a nice place around the corner. Really? Did you have a hand in it?” It's not really much of a joke, but their beer is divine

  39. You can still ask the question now. Because there is no God and you will never meet him. You can still ask the question now, but you won't get an answer.

  40. Kids with leukemia, really?�
    Can you create a rock that you can't lift?
    We were able to explain all your biblical “miracles” with science, did you know that?

  41. I would only ask one question.
    B-d. aren't you *stunned?
    I would have scolded him for doing such a shitty job and woken up.
    Because there is no God. Like this.

  42. Two questions:
    1. If a person is his creation, then where is the instruction manual? How should it work?
    2. (Follows from the first one) What happened to YOU between “running around the universe in darkness” and “manifesting yourself by creating everything”?� � How did YOU learn to control yourself?

  43. Did you apologize to the people who were gassed and burned in the Auschwitz crematorium? If not, why not? If so , did you repeat the same memorized phrase to all of them, or did you come up with an individual apology for each of them?

  44. For me, the best and most practical of the questions would be “Which religion is right or closest to the truth”. Knowing the motivation of his actions will give you in most cases just knowledge that can not be applied in practice.

    1. Do you exist?
      If EU, zen:
    2. Dude, look at what you've created. Are you kidding me like that?
    3. Should I move on with my life, or is it just as lame as it's been for the last 23 years of my life? Maybe we should merge the mission?
    4. What is the meaning of your existence? Aren't you tired of it?
  45. I am afraid that I cannot answer this question, because if I were confronted with the fact that God exists, my emotional state would change so much that I would hardly be able to formulate anything intelligible. The main thing I would feel is a sense of fear. It's scary to even imagine that you are completely dependent on a creature so cruel and immoral(judging by the “Bible”, and, however, the gods in other religions are usually described as extremely unpleasant personalities, before which the actions of serial maniacs fade) and at the same time so omnipotent that even death will not allow you to escape from it.

  46. Well, in general, for a start, I will be very surprised. And then I'll ask: when will he stop all these world wars for his own glory? Isn't it time to stop feeding your ego with these little men who are trying to figure out which of them is cooler and louder to shout how much they love God and only truly true, and at the same time send some souls to heaven by exploding, for example, on a bus?

  47. “Why?” The question that looking at everything that is happening, you ask constantly, but in a more crude form, “what the fuck…” or ” For what?” Why all the trials instead of harmony?

  48. “What question are you…” – not humanly,� “… asked God” – ungodly.�

    Most responders overlook these questioner's mistakes and, with few exceptions, sincerely share their own scenarios of dialogue with God. However, forgetting yourself (allowing an illiterate and impolite form of addressing yourself) and ignoring�The Lord in his divine person is two sides of the same coin, and not understanding one leads to not understanding the other…

    For lack of time – a quasi-logical chain of theses:

    1. A person can only ask human questions even to God – this is his limitation.

    2. God can answer even human questions – that is his perfection. But to answer as God, without belittling yourself to a human (“too human” according to Nietzsche) answer.

    3. A person can hear/understand such an answer by raising himself above himself, by his human limitations.

    4. Overcoming limitations consists in understanding that a person is asking human questions…. to myself..

    5. God in this case is the horizon of this overcoming, the image of the person that he can / should become.�

    Thus, the correct formulation of the question that made up this entire topic could sound like this:: What question would you ask yourself in the presence of God, knowing that the answer is absolutely necessary?

  49. It's strange,I've never thought about this question before, because I'm an atheist.But here He is, all perfect and beautiful,all-knowing,all-seeing, and I have the opportunity to ask Him anything,and the possibility makes my head spin.Perhaps I will ask him why He allowed so many religious wars to take place,why He allowed the killing of people who are essentially innocent,who are considered witches and sorcerers by the church,why He allowed indulgences to discredit His name, and so on.But for some reason,I think he'll drop his eyes like a child and say something like:”It was necessary.”

  50. Hello,God.�Look,�I�direct�not�believe�that�you�rights.. O and Аллах Allah is with�you.�Why are there macaroni scattered everywhere?�

    Okay, “not”important.”There are several thousand of you gods gathered here. And�half�as�would�for�create�world�answers.�Hmm.�Want�you�shorter�to tell�that�is�not�you�world�created and�nature. And�not�you�We created�people, and�people�YOU.�All�your�images�history,�all�your�divine�sense�was�invented and�created�us.�

    I�sorry,�that�all�came�so�crooked and contradictory.�But�have�you�this�to live.�

    I have a question for Zeus.�Teach молнии lightning bolts in�hands�to hold.

  51. God has already answered all my questions about my life through the Holy Scriptures. I haven't encountered any others yet. But if you do, I'm sure this book has everything I need. I've been getting answers for years as they come in. This, of course, is not about scientific knowledge. As for science or questions like ” how does EVERYTHING work?”, this is interesting, but only God can contain such knowledge. Just thinking about the scope of this knowledge makes me dizzy. No, no, no more questions for today :).

  52. Tell me, how are you?”

    I think it's enough to strike up a conversation and find out all the most interesting things that happened while I was hanging out in this life

  53. Well, if it really exists, then who knows how the conversation would have turned out. But at the moment, I probably wouldn't ask anything, I don't have any questions from the category of ” what, where, how and why?” Now I'm interested in seeing how events will develop, and knowing the end result right away…Ah as the empty after this will become.

  54. what is the purpose of all this?

    I just don't see any purpose in our existence. our improvement in the end is of course. hell and heaven are questionable as further meaning. I'll spend my whole life trying to get closer to God in my essence, so what? why?

  55. When and how it appeared.

    I finish off the symbols. Sabine Spielrein has a “Three Questions to God” survey on this topic, I think. She asked her students to ask three questions after considering them, and then three more without thinking. The difference came out interesting.

  56. The following thought once occurred to me: “If God wanted to be believed in, he would exist.”

    It is absurd to ask the question ” what would you ask him?”, since the presupposition of this question presupposes the knowledge that God does exist. Therefore, if God existed, there would be no point in” believing ” in him, and there would be no faith.

    In general, without delving into useless philosophy on this topic, I can say the following: if we assume in the abstract that such a question will reach the addressee, then I would ask exactly the same thing that once, as I wrote above, came to my mind:

    “If you want to be believed in, then why don't you exist?”

  57. I would ask him to show the entire history of time from beginning to end. I would sit next to him and watch as the void filled with matter and the universe was born, as planets and stars were created, as life appeared and as entire galaxies exploded. I would have seen other planets that were also inhabited by creatures, their life. I would have seen the history of our home planet and the small spaceships of people plowing the expanses of the universe. I would have seen us die out and someone else appear in our place. And more. And then, while enjoying the literally divine tea, I watched the universe die.�

    Why ask questions when you can just contemplate.

  58. I would first of all ask where Everything came from and what happened before Everything. I wonder how much we guessed with the Big Bang theory. And that, in turn, would encourage me to ask where He came from.

  59. I want to answer this question honestly. And the honest answer is that I believe that the day we meet God, we will have no questions. We will understand everything and see everything in its true light. There will probably be a storm of emotions, but hardly questions.

    My father died many years ago. If I happened to meet him, would I ask him a question when I met him? I would have hugged him and cried like a child, both from happiness and grief – all together. Maybe we would have spent a lot of days talking about the sad and funny things in our lives, but I don't think I would have asked him questions like “why did you do that?”

    Probably something like that, but in its own way it will be better when you meet your Father.

  60. Is there a purpose to our shared existence? (not the meaning of the life of a single person who chose it for himself, but the meaning of our common life as the highest goal, or we as a random chemical reaction?))

  61. I am a teenager with maximalism, arrogance and nihilism pruschim in all the cracks, the question is appropriate as a poet. “How do I become your equal?”. I hope the answer doesn't drive me crazy.

  62. The only reason God doesn't speak to people is because people won't be able to understand his answer. So the first question I would ask is “how do I learn to understand you?”

  63. None at all. The very fact that there is a god + the evidence with which it would be proved to me that this is a higher being, more than we can imagine + the way in which you can ask a question and get an answer – all this would already tell a thinking person what he can learn. I have the brains to process this information.�

    For other information that cannot be perceived by human consciousness, I do not have a “base” in my head, so this information is unnecessary. And why our consciousness is limited and cannot perceive the “main answers to the main questions” – I already understand that there is no need to go to God for this.

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