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  1. In this – no way.�

    You can add up a trillion to a trillion without a computer. Convenience has also increased the speed of processing money transactions.

    And so, of course, the role of computer technology is huge in the modern world: >

  2. Nothing.

    We began to operate in billions and trillions of dollars, euros, yen, and rubles, which reflect the volume of goods and services produced, rather than kilometers, cubic centimeters, or acres.

    At the beginning of the twentieth century, the global economy as a whole exceeded $1 trillion, and 100 years later, 16 countries in the world have an economy of more than $1 trillion, and in the United States, several states ' GDP exceeded this level and three companies reached this mark by capitalization.

    The role in billions and trillions was played not by calculators, but by human activity.

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