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    1. Why she doesn't have enough comfortable shoes.

    2. Whether there are enough orgasms in her life, and how to fix it.

    3. Whether her future income will be enough for psychotherapy, and if not, then it's not time to get another education.

    4. There are 60 years of active independent life ahead, and it's a good idea to have a preliminary plan for what to do with all these years.

    5. You should start making savings right now.

  1. I think that the statement of the question “should” is fundamentally wrong. No one owes anyone anything.

    I'm more impressed with “it would be nice…”

    Pure imho, my personal list.

    1. Understand what your inclinations/abilities are and how to bring them into harmony with your desires (obviously, they are all different).

    2. Think about your health. Of course, “at 20, you're still young, you can eat too much,” but the earlier a person starts thinking about what they eat, what kind of people they communicate with (we don't forget the psyche), how often they play sports (and what kind), the more likely it is that at 28, for example, a sudden collapse will not happen. Or at 40. Well, no one is immune from cancer(

    3. Think about how promising the profession is. If there is no profession, then choose with your head, and not on the principle of “just to get in”. If there is, but it is clear that neither money nor pleasure from work will not be, look for something new.

    4. Realize that you don't have to get married before 25. Accept the fact that most often life does not end at 30, and the age of 34 is not a sentence for a career, emotions and a happy personal life 🙂

  2. About your relationship with the sunbeams. Seriously. The incidence of skin cancer is growing most rapidly among girls aged 15-29 years. The most common cancer in those aged 25 to 29 is skin cancer.

    Sex, career, self-discovery, relationships, education – all this can wait, but for some people it's completely unnecessary things, everyone has their own.

    No one wants to get melanoma.

  3. It would also be a good idea to think about whether you spend enough time with your family, whether you are satisfied with your external and internal world, and whether you want to see this guy next to you in five or seven years.

  4. At 20, I thought that I would urgently, sorry, tear my ass in search of work, while simultaneously finishing university and having a desire to lead at least some personal life. And already at 21, I thought about how to neutralize the damage caused to my health and nerves.�

    Bottom line: every 20-year-old, in my opinion, should think about what she has enough vital resources for and how to use them most wisely.

  5. I'm 21 and I ask myself these questions very often, so questions that a 20-year-old girl should ask herself :

    Has she become a good friend to someone?�

    Has she become a person? Does she have an opinion?

    Can she cook?�

    Did she read books, and how erudite is she anyway?�

    Does she have a hobby? (I believe that it must be there, otherwise the person is just empty)

    How self-sufficient is it? �

    How well does she see her future?�

    How good is her relationship in the family?�

    How healthy is her relationship with the young man? And how can they be improved from her position?

  6. Many thoughts were expressed by previous speakers, but I want to add a little bit about beauty. Girls, just because there are no problems at 20 doesn't mean we'll always be rosy and smooth as a baby's ass.

    I advise you just at this age to think about the condition of your skin, nails, and hair in order to have time to preserve what is given by nature. It's not difficult: wash your face, moisturize your skin. But by the age of 40, you will not need to do terrible injections.�

    Naturally, external beauty does not detract from internal development. However, it's good for the ladies to know.

  7. 1. About health

    Seriously, anything can't buy you health.At 20, I already have health problems,and recently I thought about the fact that it's time to go in for sports and stop being nervous 24/7, otherwise in 10-20 years I won't be able to get out of the doctors,and I also want to be a mom.And where is there without health

    2. About savings,money, and so on

    My parents are still helping me,but I'm already thinking about saving up at least some money or increasing the amount I have(I need to pay for my health after all:))

    I think about working,because I don't want to depend on my family anymore,but I want to help them

    These are the two points that first come to mind.And so I also think about being interesting, first of all to myself,it helps to feel confident and not lose the meaning of life.By the way, the realization that life is quite short, and time flies quickly-also a reason to think.

    Oh,sorry, orgasms are nothing more than a nice bonus.Well, there is-well, no-well, okay.I like everything,but I don't think about it too much.just seriously, there are more important things, more interesting.

  8. To paraphrase Dovlatov

    The girl is used to asking if I'm fat, if I'm pretty, this dress suits me, and so on

    I should ask if I'm a piece of shit.

  9. The girl doesn't owe anyone anything. All she has to think about is how to be happy. But this is true for a person of any age, gender, nationality, etc.

  10. At the expense of all sorts of values such as family, what it can be in 20 with a weak psyche, I don't know and don't want to know) The most important person to listen to is yourself, don't give in to influence, bend your line, don't mourn difficulties and take it for granted, because this path leads to your goal and it doesn't matter Ask yourself more questions, like who I am, who I'm with, what I'm doing. Finding your own world and your own people in it is very important.

    1. About borscht.

    2. About children.

    3. About my grandchildren.

    4. That all her friends were married and she wasn't.

    5. About how much her husband will earn.

    6. About not working.

    7. About how she's already 20 and still hasn't read Domostroy.

    8. About not becoming a feminist.

    9. About memes.

    10. About strong men behind a stone wall.

    11. About borscht.


  11. It would be worth thinking about contraception.

    (a 20-year-old girl who passed by while pregnant and getting pregnant)

    and then there are all sorts of different symbols. K O N T R A C E P C I I. Yes.

  12. At 20, you take life here and now and everything that surrounds you as a given. There is still no special understanding of cause-and-effect relationships from your own experience. So you just need to look around your life and honestly tell yourself what you don't want to stay with for years to come. For example, a man is nearby. If there are constant quarrels, misunderstandings and lack of compromise, then it will not be better further. Do you want to realize at 30 that you've spent 10 years of your life on the wrong person?

  13. That it's time to grow up.Perhaps this situation is only for me,but personally I see around well, a lot of girls 20-22-25 years old, who are just terribly independent.Inability to plan a budget,even a banal lack of understanding of how much money is worth and where it comes from,lack of responsibility,frivolity,naivety,childish approach to adult situations.No one forces you to become an incubator at 18 and sit in 4 walls 24 7,but please, you can take life a little more seriously?

  14. About family, work, chastity, peace of mind, all the skills in everyday life, about yourself, about children and husband, about humility, and in general about being a cool mother and wife and being admired by all your relatives, friends and relatives.

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