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  1. In fact, this is a rather complex question and can be answered in different ways. I'll give you my point of view. I believe that a 20-year-old person, in particular a man, should have a head on his shoulders. As stupid as it may sound, many people at this age remain reckless and stupid. Be realistic, correctly assess your capabilities, abilities, time, and various situations. At 20, you are still very young and don't know much. But at the same time, you're old enough to eat things that children shouldn't. You can not overdo it and get carried away. A man at this age should get as much knowledge as possible, develop abilities. Read books, get interested in the news, and communicate with knowledgeable people. This will all help you in the future. I've already talked about time estimation, but I'll say it again. It is very important. Appreciate every minute, because you can't get it back. After school, you can afford to go out for a drink with friends, take a walk, and do this every day or week. No one will blame you. What if this 20-year-old man spends an hour or two on self-development every night? Learn a foreign language or learn a new one. Wouldn't that benefit him for the foreseeable future? I quote you: The Hour of Pain that Gives Greatness a Lifetime (c) Greg Plitt.

    From all this, I conclude that I am not 30-40 years old to say exactly what a 20-year-old person should know. But at the age of 19, I realized that the most valuable thing for us is how we spend our time. We don't know much else, but our brains are wired to absorb an incredible amount of information and learn new things. We need to be able to control ourselves and not give in to our emotions. Being able to plan your time is also very important, so as not to get confused. In addition, it will allow our brain to rest a little. Also, at the age of 20, you should be able to be responsible for your words and actions. You're not a child, don't throw words around if you can't prove it. Don't say that you will do something if you are not sure of your abilities. At the age of 20, the attitude of relatives and the environment to a person is determined. Behave with dignity, so that you are respected and listened to. In short, that's all I can say.

  2. This is a big problem of the “modern world”, that young people do not try to live their own unique life. Instead, they have the idea that they should be so-and-so, guided by the ideas of other people in this regard. You don't owe anyone anything at the age of 20 or later. You can be anything. Absolutely. Just live as you see fit, and don't attach much importance to other people's opinions.

  3. WHO SHOULD I PAY??? What did he borrow and from whom???

    The only thing that every one of us who was born into this world really NEEDS is to die. No one has ever managed to get out of this DEBT.�

    But what a young man of 20 needs to do in order to get what he wants from the world , from life-this is a completely different question. Depending on his desires, dreams and goals, there will be tasks on the way to them that he will have to solve in order to get what he wants.

  4. At a minimum, it should be independent. It is banal to be able to cook, wash and clean yourself. He should, if not get off the neck of his parents, then at least strive for it. He should start thinking about his future, not be a carefree child with pink glasses.

    By the age of 20, it would be nice to find a job already

    Well, this is all my LM about it.

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