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  1. Understanding it probably won't be enough. Because from understanding to decision and action, according to the same concepts, something else important is required. Most likely, this will be common sense, reinforced by knowledge and, of course, represented by the corresponding worldview, from which the desire and will will appear, aimed at achieving all this.

    And, of course, all this and the like must occur simultaneously to many and many, and at the same time as relevant.

  2. To do good, to renounce evil, to fight evil and the servants of evil. Exposing lies, putting aside fear, and not giving in to pride are the three basic sins that lead to all the others. That's when everyone understands how important this is and follows it constantly, life will improve.

  3. The case when the truth is written in the boys 'publics:” do good/ do not do evil”

    The only problem is that both have no idea of universal criteria, so in case of the solution of human problems and “philosophical” questions, to know where it begins the proverbial good and evil ends, a simple man with a normal level of consciousness sometimes not force
    the evolution of consciousness and morality of each – starting condition for the development of public peace and tranquility

  4. To do this, it is necessary that each person accepts himself as he is. If absolutely all people on Earth do this, then no one will prove or impose anything on anyone. People will start listening to their body, live in harmony with themselves and nature.

    “We don't own anything to lose”

    that is, look for yourself

  5. Each person should understand that he is free to do anything, if he does not cause harm and does not interfere with others and realize that different people may have different points of view, if a person adhering to them does not create problems for anyone, then everything is ok.�

    P.S. And dissenters to be shot�

    P. P. S A joke of course)

  6. I believe that people should become citizens not of a particular country, but of the whole world.. Then there will be no terrorist attacks and no political wars. But, of course, this is utopia.

  7. What:

    There is only one religion — the religion of love.

    There is only one language — the language of the heart.

    There is only one race — the race of humanity.

    There is only one God — and He is omnipresent.

    (c)Sathya Sai Baba

  8. All people on earth should understand that Islam is a peaceful religion and only then will there be peace and quiet on earth


  9. Everyone should understand that all people are different! Do not impose your own rules of life “This is how it should be, then you should, this is wrong.” Everyone has their own worldview, their own interests, their own tastes and views!

  10. Understand that absolute peace will not come until people begin to live according to the canons that the experts described above.

    In general, human nature plays a big role here.

    One famous villainous character from Sherlock Holmes said: “Deep down, inside each person, there is an unquenchable thirst for conflict.” This quote, in my opinion, most accurately describes the cause of all wars and civil strife. And if this problem is considered from this point of view, then until a person somehow miraculously revises and changes some part of the value system, then peace and tranquility will not come, and in the end, will disappear from the face of the earth, as a result of some kind of nuclear war.

  11. Humanity should simply forget the concept of “exploitation”.
    �Each person simply needs to belong to himself and understand that his personal happiness depends on him and only on him. No one owes or owes him anything, and he, in turn, does not owe anyone anything by default. As a result, everyone is free to do everything (which does not limit the freedom of others, of course) to achieve personal happiness and for their own good. After all, the common good consists of the personal benefits of each of the people.

  12. Just one thing. That the world is an interconnected system. Any actions we take affect everything that happens next. If you hurt someone, you're hurting yourself and everyone close to you. It's not immediately obvious, but the effect of actions tends to accumulate. And what will serve as the last straw is not of the utmost importance.

  13. Allow yourself to be yourself and others to be others.

    Of course, here you can very poorly stract this phrase. But in general, I really like this message, it frees a person from intolerance to others.

  14. I modestly think that first of all, the understanding of the state should evolve into a form that is far from modern. It will probably still declare a monopoly on violence, but it will not really control it, but the attitude of people and the requirements for it should change. For example, States should eliminate national characteristics and other minor differences that do not affect their goals. This will be the first step towards the collapse of some states. In such conditions, it will be possible to create a global metropolis (with a dictate over smaller states), for which war is meaningless. This is the only way to avoid them.

    But this is the first condition. The second is full control over people and their lives, if people want to live without war, they will accept this inevitability. If someone wants to break the law or follow radical ideas, their thoughts will be read by the authorities and they will go into rapid development. This is the only option for a world without war – complete diktat over the citizens of one and the big one.

  15. Each person must understand that there is nothing in the world that belongs to him completely and forever. People come to earth to visit. Are you using something? Share with others and clean up after yourself.

  16. In every situation, act towards people as you would like them to do to you. Always and everywhere. Yes, it's not always easy. Yes, it's very easy to forget about it. But if everyone on this planet will at least try to always do this, then we will be much more peaceful and calm.

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