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  1. There is a wonderful phrase that you can't believe in God, you can know Him. It fits into your picture of the world, but not the way it is portrayed by ardent critics or complete fanatics. Some people push their sanity too far, while others push their lack of it too far. Get to know what fits in.

  2. What does “trust” mean? Shift responsibility? This is of course desirable. But if the idea of someone big and strong, who decides everything for you, does not fit into your picture of the world, then you will have to rely only on yourself. In a world without unicorns and rainbow ponies, life is a little more difficult…

  3. Do nothing. Just read books, think, search in short. And, yes, it is not we who find Him, but He Who finds us.�

    And if you are absolutely unbearable, you want to hope for someone, then just try to talk to Them. Tell me honestly what you think, ask what you want to ask. And then listen to the answer.

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