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  1. In fact, reality can be understood as two aspects – objective and subjective. The objective aspect of reality is primarily material factors, such as the laws of physics. It is quite difficult to do anything with them, except to create the most comfortable environment within the existing capabilities. I don't like Earth's gravity – you can live in an isolated space without gravity on the ISS, for example.

    As for the subjective aspect of reality, it is a consequence of receiving a certain individual experience and understanding it. Within the framework of this process, the individual's life values, views, experiences and interests, his character and models of relationship with the surrounding world are formed. If the individual experience was mostly negative, a person is in a state of constant and severe stress, then he has a natural method of psychological protection-the desire to get away from annoying factors, that is, to get away from reality.

    This phenomenon is called escapism and can take a variety of forms-from complete immersion in a certain type of activity (work, study, hobby) to physical withdrawal from the world (moving to another country or to a remote village). In a moderate form, escapism is one of the ways to restore psychological balance after stress. However, if this period is prolonged, then you should try to gradually introduce new positive experiences into your life – meet new people, discover interesting activities, read books in non-standard genres. Walks are very helpful, during which you can listen to the noise of the city and find new cozy places or places for yourself. It is worth trying to change the place of work or make a change of the interior of the house. Skydiving is also a great way to recharge yourself with energy and positive emotions, replacing the accumulated stress.

    However, sometimes people resort to such extreme forms of escape from reality as strong narcotic substances or alcohol. The result of such escapism is the breakdown of family relationships and social ties, impaired adaptation, intellectual and physical disorders. In extreme cases, escapism often leads to prolonged depressive moods or suicide. At this stage, you should not try to solve problems yourself, but rather seek help from a qualified specialist.

  2. Are you sure you really don't like this reality?Maybe you should step out of your comfort zone? Go somewhere? The world is huge and it is difficult not to find yourself in it without a proper desire. And if everything is bad, then in extreme cases drugs ( I do not use and do not approve ) or virtual reality are suitable.

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