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  1. I would like your concerns : – (

    In fact, 17 is certainly tight, there is no money, no home, no car, nothing at all, not even experience and knowledge.�

    You can start gaining knowledge and experience. Go to study, only think thirty-three times what to choose a specialty, because choosing at 17, it is very sad to realize that you are already 22, you have a diploma on your nose, but the specialty is clearly not yours. Getting a second higher education is very difficult. Go to work, it would be better of course in the professional field, but you can at least by whom. Going to work for the first time at 22, after graduation, is a very, very sad idea, because there will already be ambitions, and no one takes them. And then there are your friends. Make new acquaintances, travel, yes, maybe not to Antarctica, but you can always go to the neighboring city, and this is a new experience. Get yourself a small hobby, even knitting, even drawing comics, no matter what, the hobby helps to relax. And most importantly – do not bother, well, that is, do not bother at all on achieving super goals, if you really set a goal for yourself, then it should be achievable, so that it would be a pleasure that the goal is achieved, and there is a reason to go further, to a new goal.

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