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  1. You can think of God as a higher power that you know exists. But you can never know anything specific about it, you just know that it is a huge force, a universe, the mechanism of which a person can never comprehend. You need to accept this, and in those moments when you can't change anything, trust her.

  2. There are many religions. In half of them there are no dogmas as such (for which pagans periodically even complain, although for me this is not a bug, but a feature). Another healthy part of religions does not require any worship of any deity. Well, here the first thing that comes to mind is Buddhism.

  3. And why are you “disgusted with dogmas”?It is possible that you have become aware of God's presence,his constant “breath on the back of your neck”,but you are not used to belittling yourself ,it seems to you to humiliate your dignity. But I want to ask you:Have you ever stood on the beach when a tsunami is approaching?Have you ever been caught in a blizzard and been tossed around like a straw in a storm? Whether you want it or not, objectively a person is fragile and helpless before death, illness and cataclysms. When you realize your place in the world-you will learn to worship God yourself, it is natural for any person.And dogmas are just a guideline.

  4. I really like microbiology, but I have an overwhelming aversion to microbes. What should I do? I really enjoy cooking, but I have an overwhelming aversion to cooking pots. Don't you think that the logic is completely twisted?

  5. Do nothing, just realize what is already de facto-you are God for yourself. Any dogma and any idea of worshipping you is unbearably repugnant precisely because it dethrones you.

  6. Good day. If you have a strong desire to find the Truth, I think you should show a lot of patience and thoroughly study world religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism. And understand what their difference is and what, in your opinion, corresponds to your perception of the world. If you believe that there is a God, you can ask Him to help you in this matter with faith, so that you will find the faith that is from Him.

    In general, there is nothing wrong with religious dogmas. Dogmas are, in other words, the static state of any religious statement. For example, a dogma in Christianity is the statement that God is by nature the Highest good, that is, love. And this dogma does not need to be changed in any way for a correct religious life. This is a given that must be accepted. This is the main difference between science and religion, when science analyzes any of its statements or theories for falsification. That is, in other words, if at some point in time a certain theory that was previously accepted by the scientific community as reliable does not find experimental confirmation, it is recognized as false or undergoes global changes. If you don't like static religious statements, then you can hardly be a religious person unless you change your attitude to dogmas. I think so.

    If you have any questions about my answer, I'm happy to help…

  7. If you want to be a human, not an animal, then first of all you need to understand the reasons why the idea of worshipping God and the dogmas of certain religions seem disgusting to you, and discuss them with people.

    Just living the way you suddenly wanted to or didn't want to is not a reasonable behavior, but an action similar to animals. Animals don't think about why they wanted to mate with a female, don't think about why they wanted to bite someone. They blindly follow their desires, likes and dislikes.

    Then, after the reasons are found, analyze them and criticize them. Perhaps the reasons will be unworthy of trust, or maybe vice versa. After that, make a decision – to change your attitude to those ideas that you find repugnant, or not.

    After that, think about how you can satisfy a persistent religious need. Personally, I see only three options:

    1 Select an existing religion.

    2 Come up with your own religion at your own discretion, for yourself, for your own desires.

    3 Can call himself a god at all, as “god Kuzya” did, for example.

    The first option-gives at least some chances that religion will not be a human invention, but the result of God's communication with people. The second ensures that religion is just a human invention. And the third one is even dumb to discuss.

  8. Well, here you need to work on your desires (a persistent religious need) and on your fears (unbearably disgusting).

    It's like an allergic food intolerance.

    Only studying yourself and studying other types of food will help you understand yourself and your dislikes.

    Perhaps you need to stop eating peanut butter every day, or (which is also possible) your intolerance is not related to religion, but to the idea of” worshiping ” someone.

    Well, it seems like you feel bad from the vase of daffodils that your mother/sister constantly puts in the kitchen, and you will make up that you are sick of food.

  9. Without dogmas in any way.. in fact, at the heart of any religion is an irrefutable dogma – ” everyone who lives, love your neighbor as yourself and then everyone will live much better.”. this is the only thing that cannot be refuted in religions.. for the rest, you can score and believe in your own way, as you are close to, as you like and as it helps you.. as Olga described it below.. but in any case, communication with the supreme implies self-improvement and sacrifice (sacrifice your sins, vices, whatever you call them.. without this, there will be no growth.. everything should be reciprocated.. if you want a better life, get better yourself.. of course, the list of sinful and permissible things can also be different, but only on the principle that what harms others is 100% sin.. that is, you may not consider smoking and swearing a sin, but bullying (including ridicule), damage and theft of property, beatings, and murder cannot be considered a sin.. you can't, because then you can't have religion.. get a manic idea and most likely it will suck you into crime..)

  10. Religion is the teaching about the relationship between the worlds, the World of the Creator and the world created by Him.

    If you have a religious need, it means that in your inner world, in your worldview, the Creator (Master) of our world has manifested itself.

    So look for a connection with Him, establish a relationship with Him and this will be your religion, your path.

    And following other people's dogmas only diverts you from your path.

    Worship of God is the acceptance of a Higher Intelligence.

    This happens at the moment when you recognize that you are not the top of the world, you are not the creator of this world, and you did not create the sum of yourself.

    You have entered this world that was not created by you, in a body that was not created by you, and all that you have of your own and what you are is your life experience.

    If this realization does not come to you, then you will not approach God.

  11. Take the advice of Alla Pugacheva: “I will open my windows wide and pray to the sky. The stars will smile from the sky and the sadness will disappear.”

    Just pray in your own words to one God and ask the spiritual one: to get rid of vices, resentments, grumbling, ask for wisdom, thank you for everything that He sends. If you join religious denominations, they will ruin your relationship with God. The right religion for all Hanifim. http://wp.wiki-wiki.ru/wp/index.php/Ханифизм

    Muslims consider Leo Tolstoy to be a hanif. Buy his books Confessions, The Way of Life, Reading Circle, diaries

  12. Well, Schopenhauer once said that everyone has a metaphysical need. It can be satisfied in two ways: sensu allegorico- “in the allegorical sense”, and sensu stricto et proprio- “in the proper sense”.

    In the” allegorical sense, ” the metaphysical need is satisfied by religion. “In the strict and proper sense” (i.e., in the real sense)-philosophy.

    Well, do some philosophy. Just not the eastern one: the traditional western one (including the domestic one) is much better suited.

  13. There are no dogmas in the Bible. In the sermon on the Mount, Jesus said: “Happy are the poor in spirit(i.e., those who feel the need for spiritual things,are very eager,and are ready to beg).So God paid attention to you. (John 6: 44)He wants to draw you to Jesus. This need must be met. Pick up your Bible and read it in prayer, at least a little at a time. I have no doubt that God will reveal to you the riches of His treasures,his truths, which will delight you,enrich you inwardly,and make you strong!

  14. When God created man, he laid down his spiritual needs. Because of inherited sin in humans, this need is in a ” dormant state.” Jesus Christ said in Matthew 5: 3, ” Happy are those who realize their spiritual needs…”. Such a person will strive to learn about their Creator, his qualities, plans, and requirements . This is what the Creator expects from people:”…so that they (people) should seek God, try to feel him and find him, even though he is not far from each of us.” – Acts 17: 27. So God made sure that all these things were recorded in his Word – – – – the Bible.

    Humans created many “gods” to be worshipped. This was often a heavy burden for them. Jesus Christ condemned the Pharisees in Matthew 23: 4: “They bind heavy burdens and put them on people's shoulders, but they do not want to move them with a finger.”

    What does it mean to worship God? It is an expression of reverence, gratitude, and submission to his will. Initially, God did not set specific rules by which a perfect person could worship him. Throughout human history, because of rebellion, God has had to adjust his demands on people.

    What does the Creator expect from people today? Micah 6: 8 says,”…Does the Lord require you to do anything other than act JUSTLY, love KINDNESS, and be HUMBLE in walking with your God?”

    What laws are relevant in our time? Matthew 22: 37-40 ” Love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and most important commandment. And the second, like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” These two commandments are the foundation of the whole law.”

  15. Any religious belief or attempts to find it is self-abasement and a desire to fill your life with something… or some kind of orderliness that will give confidence and resilience to life's difficulties.

    But these are my assumptions. After all, the author of the question did not write what exactly is this “religious need”?! Maybe this need comes from loss… a loved one, love, work, your life status or position, or some strong life restriction – for example: prison or its equivalent?! Maybe someone betrayed the author in something, or the betrayal is not specific, but strictly defined for a person?!

    At the same time, the author of the question feels contempt for various kinds of dogmas, concepts and forms that are simply meaningless for him personally. Giving advice here is the same as, for example, offering a person with a stomach ulcer fatty or spicy “food”. Or, on the contrary, lean and empty “porridge”.

    Therefore, you must first decide on your own… needs. And then the answer may come by itself.

  16. In the gospel of Matthew (11:28,29), the words of Jesus are recorded”Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will refresh you. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find refreshment in your souls.After all, my yoke is comfortable and my burden is light.In the time of Jesus Christ, the people were exhausted and dejected by the misinterpretation of the laws of God by the Pharisees and Sadducees. This is why Jesus urged people to imitate him,because Christ's law is based on love, not dogma. One day,his mother and brothers tried to approach Jesus, but because of the crowd, they could not get to him .When he was told that your mother and brothers had come to see you,he pointed to his disciples and said:”Here is my mother and my brothers! He went on to say a very important point: “Whoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven is my brother, my sister, and my mother”So if you have a spiritual need, pray for it and ask God for help, study the Bible, and you will be fulfilled in the words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 5: 3 verse where it says” Happy are those who realize their spiritual needs.

  17. Fill yourself up with something non-religious. If your condition is not temporary, then you will eventually stop considering worship and dogmas disgusting, if your condition is a momentary whim, you should not linger in it.

  18. The question is not entirely clear. What exactly is the need? Are you an angry schoolboy and your grandmother drives you to church? Or are your annoying relatives demanding that you become a godparent? Or do you just need to attend a service of some kind due to a combination of circumstances? In this case, always remember a number of things. Prayer is a very difficult practice and this practice is not a recitation of magic spells. Just standing in the temple during the service-yes, it is difficult for an unbeliever, but you can be patient, at least for the sake of the relatives with whom you came to the temple. Godsonism – if your relatives have fallen from the moon and are not aware of your non-religious views, then the problem is with them, not with you. The godparent must be at least baptized and still to some extent a believer (at least loyal).

    If you have in mind some inner experiences, are looking for the meaning of life, are thinking about the eternal and what will happen to us after we cease to exist on earth, then you still first need to get rid of the psychosis in relation to the church and Christianity in general. Well, it is not necessary to believe and worship someone (that is, the very idea of worship confuses you to put it mildly). First of all, it is still worth getting acquainted (thoughtfully and deeply, if you are really a seeker and thinker, and not a pseudo-intellectual who grew up on the culture of fast food and cheap behavior) with the philosophy of religion. If we are talking about Christianity (in the context of the question, this particular religion is meant), then strengthen the modern catechism. Before you feel aversion to something, can you still first study it first, and not indulge in your cockroaches in the tower?

    Many Europeans are fanatical about Buddhism (without even understanding it one iota) precisely for the reason that they want to find something, but their inner pride does not allow them to bow down to something or someone, in this case, to the Christian God, i.e. Jesus Christ. It should be borne in mind that the worship of pagan gods and worship in Christianity are different things, both in form and in meaning. Many other Europeans are so-called believers without religion, i.e. they do not attend any religious organization (church) and believe in the so-called “cosmos” or “world law” – how much I have communicated on this topic, in general, with grief in half, this is the same Christian God, but only in the form of a Law, not a person, and without dogmatic nuances (the doctrine of St. John the Baptist). At the same time, at the end of the answer, I will clarify that these dogmas were not taken from the ceiling.

    PS: there is another interesting thing called superstition. Occultism and magic are incommensurably stupid, naive and destructive options for satisfying one's spiritual quest. It is better to be the same believer without religion, rather than suffer from this nonsense, run on cig-dogs and be driven by newage's nonsense about superpowers, telepathy and other consumer and mercantile nonsense that leads a person away from the main thing – eternal life.

  19. But you don't need religion, you need God. And God does not obey any dogma. He's everywhere (and Neill Walsh, Conversations with God, can tell you this better than I can).

  20. There are many variants of religion and religious views, it is not necessary to go to churches, although I would advise you to go to Catholics and Protestants-regardless of your views, they are worthy of attention, as a rule, the nicest and very logical and interesting people.
    There are also many other variants of faith – deism, Marxism, and various variants of secular (that is, separated from church) religiosity. In the end, you can turn to Eastern beliefs, there is even materialism in a religious shell (for example, the Indian branch of Hinduism – charvaka). In general, of course, it is necessary to look at what is suitable for internal beliefs, and what is pleasant for the form, such things may well not coincide.

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