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  1. It would be what came before them. But, based on the course of theory and history of law, it has always existed. It's just that once it was the right of the strong, the right of the first.
    Society cannot live without rules, even elementary ones.
    In the end, morality is also a set of certain norms, for non-compliance with which responsibility comes.

  2. The question is rather philological. Like what to call the norms of law and legal obligations. But if in essence – no society, even a primitive one, can exist without a set of generally accepted dogmas and rules of behavior and a system of punishments. These laws (or part of them) become written with the advent of writing.

    If somehow the written laws suddenly disappear, they will be created anew. Without this, a more modern society will not be able to exist. They can fall apart into a bunch of gangs, each run by its own king. But inside the gang, there will still be some “concepts” and norms of relationships, even if unwritten.

  3. People would live in small packs, like monkeys. They do not have norms that regulate the behavior of everyone without exception, but only the will of a strong or experienced leader.
    The size of the pack would be determined by the leader's ability to control “subordinates”.
    And perhaps the norms of law would have appeared all the same.

  4. The right lives in all of us. It is impossible to be a part of society without any rules. For the laws of nature also give rise to legal laws.
    The rule of law is always reinforced by compulsion, which is expressed in sanctions for violating the rules.
    It is important to note that the norms of law were not always written, which once again shows that law is a natural tool for human survival as an individual and as a species as a whole.

  5. Absolutely impossible situation. 🙂 This or that legal system would still be self-generated automatically. At the very least, customary law would have emerged inevitably as customs and taboos were formed.

    And where there are couture dresses, there are their collections. And where there are collections of couture dresses, there are also codes.

    Don't get away with it.

  6. The whole world does not understand the norms of law, because the concept of “law” is still not defined by anyone in the world. Every country does not live by right, but by the rules written by the legislators. Note that not even according to the laws, but according to the rules, according to the otsebyatina, which is composed by the elected representatives (supposedly the elected representatives of the people). Laws are easily replaced by rules, just call them a law!

  7. There was no civilization.
    After all, if there were no laws of physics, mathematics, chemistry, there would be no physical world, matter. There would be chaos!
    Where legal norms and laws are better developed, the standard of living is higher.

  8. A society devoid of these characteristics, in one way or another, acquires them over time, provided that it retains culture in its most general sense. In the absence of culture, the formation of morals (including legal ones) is not feasible. On the other hand, modern society is in such a hopeless crisis of relations (including legal ones) that just rewriting laws is clearly not enough to overcome it.

  9. Rights have always existed in society the question is what is the right?

    For example, there has always been the right of the strong .

    And in modern society, law always guarantees the rights and freedoms of citizens, the rule of law and the rule of law solely to maintain the rule of one class over another.

    And there was a right to legitimize the power of some over others!

    Yes, they put beautiful clothes on the modern right, made him silicone tits, put cosmetics in three layers, BUT!

    If all this is removed, then it turns out that all this right is aimed at forcing the majority of the population to live and work in the interests of the ruling class!

    Well, if we consider the law in the everyday sense, then let's remember the dashing years when the state weakened and could not work effectively enough, all sorts of brigades appeared that kept everyone in fear and imposed tribute on everyone!

    As you can see, the right of the strong always works!

    Actually, who were our princes, counts, harrows, kings in the west at the dawn of the formation of the state, but just the leaders of brigades who collected taxes on their territory and taxed everyone who passed through it, and sometimes just robbed them!

    And all these battles were just shooters in which they defended their territory or, by the right of the strong, took away the territory of a neighbor!

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