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  1. Without Plato, neo-Platonism would not exist, and hence Christianity and even Islam (Sufism) in the form in which they existed for a millennium and a half. It is possible that without Plato, religions would pay less attention to the inner world and be more mundane, because it was Plato and Plotinus who exalted the other-worldly speculative world over the sensual one. Their conclusions inevitably led to asceticism.�

    Plato described the first utopia in history, and its impact on history was terrible: medieval class society, the Catholic Church, fascism, communist dictatorship, and everything else that sacrifices freedom for the great ” Good.”

    Nevertheless, without Plato there would be no Aristotle, and without him there would be no classical logic and medieval scholasticism (Thomas Aquinas). What would science be like without Aristotle? I don't even know.�

    How can we imagine European civilization without these two philosophers? They are the source of all Western thought, and it is extremely difficult for us to detach ourselves from the perception of the world that they have laid the foundation for.

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