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  1. I wanted to write something neutral like ” I would go to the ocean and lie there until the end of the World.” But now I thought about it and realized that I probably would have flown home. On the first plane I saw. But this is only if the fact that tomorrow “everything” would be known only to me. Because if this is announced in the news and everything is serious, then you will sit on a plane and figs where you will fly. Then I'd go to the ocean alone and lie there until the end of the world…

  2. In the spirit of post-apocalyptic romance!

    Having found the most beautiful point on the horizon, they will simply plop down there along with that very one. You can throw out everything that will be in your head, without thinking about the consequences, at one point rising to the 80th level of frankness. Deeds, dreams, actions that will remain with the prefix”not”. She'll cry, girls love to cry. And I am cold-blooded to my future, and tremblingly tender to my present, which is huddled all in tears on my shoulder.

    The soul is warm, because you no longer need to bother your head with your complexes, unrealization and other problems that in the past sometimes did not allow you to fall asleep in a calm sleep. They won't have to be solved, I won't be asked for homework, because the bell will ring and we'll be off for recess, changing our current state to free atoms and molecules, flying off into the vast depths of space.

    However, I will no longer care, and very soon. I take out my headphones, and hugging her I meet the new dawn of our species, and only Steven Tyler, against the background of the created polaroid of memory, reminds me for whom I still exist… – ” … Well, every moment spent with you, Is a moment I treasure…”


  3. Having big problems with nutrition, I would eat just enough and get drunk at the same time. Together with his wife, and then we'd go to bed and have sex until we were dead.

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