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  1. I would say, ” In a few years, you'll have a chance to say something to yourself as a 16-year-old. Think about it carefully, or I'm fucked up with this case. Consider yourself unlucky, as you are the first in this sequence.”

  2. You'll fall in love in a few years, but don't get married. In a few years, everything will pass and you will run away. Your true love will come at 40. But don't take a step away from her, take care of her, otherwise a ridiculous death will take her away and you will remain unhappy… And one more thing: do not enter this institute, do what you love, you will achieve all the success in it!

  3. no matter how bad it is for you now, you will survive it and most importantly appreciate the only person who is trying to support you as much as possible, because he is only 16 himself and he knows no more about it than you do

  4. “Stop being sad and driven, life is beautiful, and the world is so huge, you will definitely find a place in it.”

    “Sign up for swimming training.”

  5. Accept all interesting offers that lead to intellectual development or life experience. The more you try, the better you get to know yourself and the world around you. Open your mind

    Constantly learn what you are interested in. In a knowledge society, this is an important skill. See TED, Post-Science, Nauchpok, Sci-one, or Arzamas

    If you do something, do it to the maximum. Make every effort to achieve the highest result. Do more than you promised

    Connect with people who are smarter than you. The environment creates our reality

    Don't waste your time on nothing. Toxic people, games, uninteresting things to do, or boring books. If it's not “OOO DAAA”, then it's a no.

    Play sports. This way you'll have more energy to do things�

    Share your energy. Try only to give it away

    Create it. Constantly. Let it be part of your thinking

    • Understand that literature is the right subject. You'll regret it later.

    • Stop worrying about him. You won't even remember his name in a couple of years.

    • Do not refuse the help of your loved ones, they will never advise you badly

    • Don't pretend to be independent, you'll still have time

  6. Invest in yourself, not in relationships. People come and go, but you stay with yourself forever. And, yes. Run away from your parents, no matter how they try to persuade you that it's warmer under your wing.

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