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  1. The current Pope.

    I thought that all his simple antics, fraternizing with beggars, hugging the seriously ill, and dining with the homeless were just PR campaigns.

    And he turns out to be really like that – very simple, devoid of swagger and show-offs, although he is called a pontiff. And the two-thousand-year history of his throne does not put any pressure on him at all.

    An amazing person.

  2. “Who likes you” means that one of the great people not only knows about me, but also personally sympathizes with me. Perhaps you still had in mind who we sympathize with among the great people. If so, then to many, but choosing one, perhaps to A. Einstein. A great scientist – and not at all a snob, he solved the problems that really interested him, and did not suffer from conformism and self-praise.

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