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  1. Which is more important – a kettle or steam? The kettle is designed to make steam. The kettle may not make steam, but it can start making it at any time. Steam cannot be made outside the kettle. No kettle , no steam. The kettle may burn down for maximum steam output. Then the steam starts making another kettle. But it is not steam that dictates existence to the teapot, but steam to the teapot. This parable is simple.

  2. Ideas are the main semantic content of life.

    LIFE is the material basis of all and any ideas.

    Ideas without life are dead. Life without ideas is meaningless.

    Question from the category – what is more important than Health or Intelligence? – health without mind is an absolute mentally disabled fool, mind without health is an eternal disabled martyr…

  3. The world is an Atom, that is, an idea. It follows from the dialectical law of anisotropic avoidance of pairness that the world and man are a repetition of the idea of the Atom. It is incorrect to ask what an idea is. No response.

  4. The answer to this question requires an understanding of the basics of man, namely his duality.
    Man has two forms of life within him.
    1. The biological basis of which is the process of executing the program of the genetic code.Dna. soul
    2. Information life of human consciousness. spirit.
    These lifeforms have their own specific life goals and ways to achieve them
    So in biological life, this is self-preservation and the rewriting of its genetic code to continue its existence.

    And information life does not yet have the opportunity to preserve itself and is in search of such an opportunity. This determines the development of humanity.
    These two sources determine the actions of each person.
    There are spiritual people who are dominated and controlled by the soul as a biological form of life, and there are spiritual people whose actions are determined by their consciousness, reason.
    This is what you are asking, meaning by the word LIFE the biological life of a person, and by the word IDEA the informational form of life of consciousness.

  5. Probably the question of whether I can die for an idea. My answer is no. THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIFE.Only when I'm alive can I do something, and when I'm dead, I won't do anything useful. But if the question of betrayal is a completely different angle. As a child, I often thought-would I be able to-like Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya ? I always came to the conclusion that I would do anything to deceive the enemy.

  6. If the idea is correct, then it does not contradict life at all. Although sometimes for the sake of the triumph of good, you can sacrifice your life. This will be a good contribution to the soul experience.

  7. Of course,life is more important!This is an amazing gift from nature that won't happen again.

    Who will support the idea, if not a living one?And to whom is it so important, if not to him?To support the idea,you need real people.

  8. In a lifetime, you can hear all sorts of speeches about how nice it would be to suffer for the common good. But for some reason, those who push these speeches are not in a hurry to suffer themselves!

    You can argue that there are great things that are worth giving your life for. But there are no such cases! Because a person's life is one, and great ideas are innumerable.

    Do you know how you can live with this point of view?

    Long time!

  9. “One brilliant idea is more important than a lifetime of bureaucratic work.”

    A well-known quote from one well-known Austrian artist, which fully reflects my opinion on this issue. The funny paradox of life is that often the life lived by a person remains only a tiny handful of ashes on the fire of world history. At the same time, the idea is a fire that can support this rampant fire.

    A person lives for the sake of an idea, a person is created in order to create and give other people the ground for this. There are enough examples in world history when a person died, but other people were left with his legacy-an idea.

    As one of the most prominent ideological inspirers of the twentieth century, I can cite a man whose name will forever be written in the pages of world history.

    “Only love will save our world and our civilization, love even for the enemy.”

    It was this idea that guided Martin Luther King Jr. until his death at the hands of a sniper on April 4, 1968. The most important thing is that he left behind an idea. The idea of equality for all nationalities. It was this idea that aroused in black Americans a sense of self-respect, pride and self-confidence, which made it possible to achieve, even if not complete, but still equality between white and black citizens of the United States.

    So in conclusion, I would like to say that a person is nothing without an idea. But an idea is nothing without a person who will implement it. Live for what you enjoy and for what benefits other people.

  10. I would express my opinion like this. An idea in fact, once in the right hands, can become not just a tool or weapon, it can become eternal. Like the idea of a higher power that has been around for thousands of years. This is why the idea is beautiful,it can live forever, it is spiritual matter.

    But man is physical matter, he is part of the carbon cycle, and perhaps even he does not understand this. He is only matter endowed with consciousness. It is this very consciousness that allows it to create something that, under the right conditions, can become eternal.

    Technology, knowledge, and ultimately an idea.

    So it seems to me that everyone here already makes their own choice. To become something more, in exchange for the unknown( and no matter what anyone claims, we can't open the door on the other side of life and look in), and personally I would prefer this very unknown, if my life could make a worthy idea eternal.

    However, there are also ideas that push people to kill their own kind, for their own sake, and not for some higher purpose. These ideas are based on low human impulses, as for me. Don't say anything, but hatred and envy, usually, can't be called great and lofty feelings. Such an idea, in my opinion, is not worth taking a life for it, or giving it away.

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