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  1. I remember several of them at once. Of course, Rowling, who deserves the Nobel Prize, and she is considered a children's writer. In general, this underestimation is extremely characteristic of children's writers. Rowling didn't just write a book – she brought the children back to reading better than any Maria Ivanovna. Just for that.

    Among Russian writers, I want to mention Kalyadina and Ivanov. “Flower Cross “and” Geographer Globus drank ” – aerobatics, a new word in literature and a special view of the world.

    However, let's make a reservation. Underestimation at the level at which we are talking is a fiction. The same Kalyadina received the “Russian Booker”. What is the criterion of “evaluation”? Not in the school curriculum, right?

    Or take one of the luminaries. Vysotsky is still considered a singer, although he is a poet, of course, and not a singer. Perhaps this is also an element of undervaluation.

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  2. The most underrated writer in Russia and in the world is Mikhail Weller.

    He is not just a writer, as many have been and will be. A Writer with A Huge Life Experience!

    He is also a historian, that is, he studies history as the evolution of people and society, identifies patterns and writes about them in an entertaining way.

    He is also a philosopher in the best sense of the word. That is, it practically uses its brain to understand itself, the World, and its readers

    And finally, he's a publicist. In my opinion – the best! For many years, first on the radio, then on TV, now on his YouTube channel, he brings to people the truth about life, about people, about how to live.

    Read Weller's book “The Adventures of Major Zvyagin” – this is an amazing work, where the author described a Real Person who helps other people live.

    Smart decisions!

  3. Please specify what you call “modern”? Living and publishing now or someone who died in my lifetime? Or is he still a twentieth-century writer? Or is it already XX1? Before you clarify and deprive me of this opportunity, I will mention Kira Bulychev, who is the most underrated writer of our time for my taste. By the way, he died quite recently.

  4. The most media poet of the 21st century, perhaps, is a Husky. The combination of songs and poems with deep meaning makes you show respect for the author. Young people like it – people support it.

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