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  1. The Illuminati have been written about with an average consistent frequency since 1785, when the Bavarian press first published “revelations” of alleged plans to seize power in Bavaria by the Illuminati. In 1797, Abbe Barruel, who fled the French Revolution, published his classic work on conspiracy theory, “Memoir on the history of Jacobinism”, where he made the Illuminati the main authors of a worldwide conspiracy against religions and thrones. Since then, neither the frequency of references to the Illuminati has changed, nor has any new details been added to their description by conspiracy theorists.

    The real history of this order is much more boring. It was founded in 1776. Weishauptom from among the students in order to resist the Jesuits (who constantly tried to take over the education system), was characterized by Napoleonic plans, anti-clericalism and anti-monarchism. It consisted of 10 people for 10 years, then aroused the interest of prominent German Freemasons and philanthropists Knigge and Zwack, for some time grew new members from among the Freemasons, then was (after newspaper publications) banned in Bavaria, lost the patronage of Knigge, withered, disintegrated by 1787, and its archives and former members quietly dissolved in German Masonic lodges, and the order itself was forgotten. His notebooks are now kept in the German Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

    It did not leave a significant or valuable theoretical legacy, did not revolutionize education, was ritually undeveloped (and Freemasons love and appreciate beautiful rituals), so its value for history is zero. But terrified conspiracy theorists made this completely secondary near-Masonic order a different story and titanic PR. Therefore, during the 19th and 20th centuries, every second kitchen magician considered it his duty to found (or “revive”) the Order of the Illuminati, putting his own meaning into it, because none of them had ever seen Weishaupt's materials.

    This continues to this day. These groups may actually exist, in no way being heirs or associates of those ancient Illuminati, or they may just be an amateur page on the Internet of a certain kitchen dreamer-like the page that now hangs in Yandex when searching for the word “illuminati”. For this particular page, there is no one at all, except for two dreamers about power over the world)) The vast majority of the pages of the “Orders of the Illuminati” and their groups in social networks in our time are just like that.

  2. Two aspects of this question should be distinguished.

    1) Historically, we are talking about the “Society of the Bavarian Illuminati”, created in Germany in the middle of the 18th century. Like many societies, the main goal was to develop spirituality and strive for human perfection. The society lasted for about 20 years, until it was banned by the authorities. Accordingly, the representatives of this society were not much different from Freemasons and even accepted them into their ranks. Since the Society of the lordly Illuminati ceased to exist more than 200 years ago, they cannot exist in Russia.

    2) This secret society is associated with various conspiracy theories. Strictly speaking, apart from the belief in the world behind the scenes and the thirst for sensationalism, there is no reason to believe in such Illuminati. So some authors point out that the founding fathers of the United States belonged to the Illuminati and the United States is a project of this society to establish world domination. But, since this is a figment of human imagination, then, therefore,there is no such variant of the Illuminati in Russia.

  3. According to Brockhaus and Efron:

    “The Illuminati — four societies are known by this name. In 1575, a mystical-fanatical union arose in Spain, whose members were called Alombrados. The Inquisition took up arms against them. In 1623, a similar alliance (Guerients) emerged in France, which was also soon suppressed by the Inquisition. In 1722, on the South France formed an alliance with the mystical-theosophical movement, which ceased to exist only with the onset of the revolution. Members of the society founded in May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, who himself called it the Order of the Perfected (Perfektibilisten), are also called Perfectmen. This union was supposed to fight superstition and ignorance, spreading enlightenment and morality. Its ultimate goal, the replacement of positive Christianity by Deism, as well as the replacement of monarchical government by republican rule, was communicated only to a few initiates. To achieve this goal, it was considered inevitable that individuals should unconditionally submit to the will and instructions of the head. Weishaupt therefore borrowed the organization from the Jesuit order. In 1780, when Knigge joined the order, he brought I. closer to the Freemasons. In its heyday, the union had about 2,000 members, a significant number of whom belonged to the noble, influential circles of society. The Order was divided into three classes, with many divisions. To the first class belonged the Noviss, the Minervals, and the lesser I.; to the second, the Freemasons, and at first symbolic, later Scottish Freemasonry; the third class, or mystery class, included in the minor mysteries the degrees of priest and regent, and in the great ones the degrees of magician and king. In 1784. Weishaupt and Knigge separated, and then the true tendency and discipline of the order was revealed. Elector Karl Theodor of Bavaria banned all secret societies; in 1785, drastic measures were taken against Freemasons and Freemasons. Weishaupt was stripped of his position and fled.”

    However, very often, in the literature, all secret societies of the Masonic sense are called as God forbid, which makes it very difficult to discuss the Illuminati.

  4. Start. First, the modern media sphere replaces Freemasons with Illuminati, assigning them symbols of these (triangles, pentagrams). The Illuminati is a secret society inspired by Freemasons that existed 200 years ago, and now of course it has been disbanded, and its important members have gone into Freemasonry, which still exists today. Whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not, you should not mention the Illuminati as a world government, it shows your level of intelligence in MLG cartoons. But pasaran.

  5. Who are the Illuminati and do they exist in Russia?

    It is also available in Russia. The Illuminati is a former union of masons of ancient Egypt. They received their knowledge from Thoth, who was the leader of this alliance. And then they used this knowledge to please themselves. The Illuminati still uses the knowledge of priests, Atlanteans, and extraterrestrials.

  6. If they are, they will obviously not advertise themselves.�

    That's why it's a secret society.

    There are friends whose daughter went to live with one of the main Illuminati in Moscow (he is an American) . I think they put me in jail for fraud .

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