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  1. I have two friends who are graduates of the Faculty of Philosophy. The first is a popular radio DJ and professional announcer. The second is the general director, a professional manager. In my opinion, a philosophical education provides an excellent cultural base, and another specialty is quite easy to acquire.

  2. After graduating from the university in the “Philosophy” profile, a specialist can:�

    – Teach philosophical subjects in general education schools and specialized secondary educational institutions

    – Review scientific literature (including in a foreign language) and write annotations to it

    – Prepare critical analysis of philosophical texts

    – Work with official documents and conduct business correspondence

    – Engage in planning and organizing the work of various teams

    – Engage in logical analysis of various kinds of judgments

    – Organize and conduct discussions

    -Work in academic and research organizations

    -Work in mass media, museums, libraries

    -Work in analytical centers attached to state authorities, business structures, and public foundations

    Available professions can be viewed here.

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