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  1. I think three things are important here:

    The first is a stable income that allows you to provide for yourself and your family and the ability to save at least 30 percent of your income.

    The second is to have enough time off from work to do something else, to have some kind of hobby.

    The third is to have as little contact with the country's bureaucracy as possible. Something like that.

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  1. In Russia, it is good to live, to all those who think so, who are comfortable to think so. That is why there are so many contradictions, and the minds of those who believe that it is good in the Russian Federation are too clouded.

  2. In Russia, it is good for those who are happy in other places. When a person lives in harmony with himself, when there is a favorite thing, an occupation that gives inspiration and energy, when there are goals and aspirations in life-it's good to live everywhere:)

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