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  1. For me, this person isPavel Durov, who, despite pressure from various countries(governments), continues to protect people's personal data.�

    It successfully trolls them.

  2. The best person at the moment is of course the dead one. If it was bad, then it will never be again, you can sleep in peace and write nasty things about it on social networks. If he was good, then he did not have time to upset and disappoint you, and others will continue his work.

  3. If an opinion is asked here, there will be a lot of contradictions

    At the moment, I am very happy with the biographies and quotes of Arthur Schopenhauer. I believe that his thinking was real and really very sober all the years of his life. If the author of this question is interested in philosophy, I recommend that you study the personality of Mr. Arthur from a more acute angle.

  4. Strange question. And everyone writes about celebrities, which is doubly strange to me.: -))

    Personally, I think the best person is someone I care deeply about at the moment.

    There's no point in writing about celebrities. These are not the best people for me. There are good musicians, there are good writers, there are good actors, etc. And there are a lot of them. I respect someone else's talent. But does the person automatically become the best/special person for me? No. It will be the best for me if I love it. :- )) And I've never really fallen in love with celebrities. Never at all.

  5. Konstantin Khabensky. He survived the death of his wife, which prompted him to organize a foundation to fight childhood cancer. A wonderful father, a man, an actor.

  6. Stephen Hawking is a man with iron willpower, who managed, despite his illness, to make a huge contribution to the development of science. Who made science more accessible to the common man in the street. I am also very impressed with the fact that he takes part in all sorts of entertainment shows (The Big Bang Theory, etc.), where he plays himself with irony. And also that he has such a wonderful loving family.

  7. 1) Elon Musk.

    Just a space guy.

    Prototype of Ironman.

    Genius, billionaire, paypal, hyperloop.

    2) Dr. Dre.

    Member of cult bands, creator of cult albums, creator of a cult label, incredible flair for talent, a billion on beats by Dre, in good physical shape in 50+ and just boy coming straight outta compton.

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