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  1. I would bet on a Jew, but not from the epistles of the Apostle Paul, but rather that of Lev Shestov, straight from the antithesis of Athens and Jerusalem. After all, such a Jew is the entire land (yes, what is there land – underground, read Chthonic) Russian culture with its irrationalism and metaphysical hysteria according to Berdyaev.

    Even if we compare the Russian Hellenism of the Silver Age and the Russian hell of the bespopovites of the same time with their rejoicings, castrations and spiritual poems, with Rasputin and the sect of immortals, who just inspired all sorts of Hellenistic people like Merezhkovsky and co., of course, the schismatics would set the heat for these intellectuals. Both physical and metaphysical.

  2. Let me remind you of an old bike:

    “There is a lecture at the university. The professor talks about the Spartans. Well, as for the fact that, they say, the troops spent years on campaigns and this united the soldiers so much that they, as a rule, fell in love with each other. And this was encouraged, because the Spartan who had lost a friend and lover in one person was merciless to the enemy and avenged the dead. And then one small bespectacled student giggles:

    “So the Spartans were queers?”

    The professor sighed heavily, took off his glasses, looked at the upstart and said:

    “Faggots, you say? God forbid you, dear young man, to meet at least one such faggot face to face. No, my young friend, they weren't, as you put it, faggots! They were real FIGHTING FAGGOTS!!”

    In general, in this context, I would bet on the hellene: after all, the guys have conquered half the world. And the Greco-Bactrian kingdom on the border of western India was even at one time almost the main early Buddhist state. What can we say about the cultural Greek influence: in fact, Christianity would not have gone beyond the borders of the Jewish sect if not for Greek philosophy…

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