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  1. The norm can be considered as a result of generalization of existing facts, a consequence of generalization of mass types. This is how a medical norm is established (as a known reference point), i.e., a norm as an existing statistical limit.

    And you can understand the norm as radically different, namely, the target setting for what SHOULD be. For example, a legal norm, a maximum permissible norm, a behavior norm, or a reaction norm.

    The norm can also be set by the person himself. Another thing is that if there is a conflict with the public one, the latter will make every effort to bring the former in line with its maxims.

  2. Managing human behavior is one of the state's top priorities (C) Noam Chomsky.

    The state and religions influence society by setting norms of behavior for a person.

    Capitalism has helped divide people into the super-rich and the poor . In such conditions, society does not develop and it is easy to manipulate it, promoting the principle of globalism.

    No forces have the right to control people and restrict their freedom. Each person receives as a gift from God the right of free will, which allows him to choose the path and goals of his development and ways of self-realization

    The norm for people is Equality! Under capitalism, it is impossible and this is the norm for capitalism. The human body is designed for -120 years of life. But people don't live up to that time, and it's already become the norm.

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